Elpis gravity adjusted to be lighter?

Returning TPS player. Played at launch to 50 Nisha then took break, so maybe ~1 month from launch then stopped, and returned few weeks ago after buying season pass to try new characters and DLC.

Question - I could swear there are lots of jumps I had difficulty with before that is now lot easier. Maybe I’m remembering wrong but it really feels like the gravity of Elpis was adjusted a bit to make jumps higher.

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A bit after a month after release, probably shortly after your break, they “fixed” many of the game’s jumps in a patch cuz many of them were being failed by a lot of people.

Ah cool, ok so I was remembering right. I was just doing the challenge in Outlands Canyon for the king of the hill climb to top of the eye and there’s one tricky corner jump to a beam that is a ton easier now.

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I have been unable to complete that challenge, my platforming skills suck!