Email in the Social Section

Is there any way to delete the Trinkets, Skins, Heads, etc from the Social email system? These, in my view, are totally meaningless and a waste of space. They are cluttering up the email system.

accept them, then drop them or sell them, me I have a low level toon confined to sanctuary that accepts all white, blue, green purple and other junk email, then buy ammo slots, after he’s maxed out then he s free to leave to loot and kill and another takes his place
also cleans out lost loot which speeds up when he gets out to L & K


Yes, you can decline mails. While having the mail “selected” press whatever button you normaly would to inspect guns.

On the Xbox that should be the right thumbstick, if memory serves right.


You can decline the manufacturer mailed weapons, echocast, and user mailed items. However you cannot decline cosmetics sent via mission rewards and some others. You actually have to accept them and then drop or sell from your inventory.

I don’t know about that, the way I even found out about it was by accidentally scrapping the Moxxi mail for doing every Crimson Radio up to Ambermire because I wanted to inspect the design.

Maybe they changed it or was that what you meant by Echocast?

Echocast is the twitch extension, you can get loot from watching streamers through that.

I know most mail items can be declined, but certain ones can’t.

I know, just wanted to make sure. Is it specifically just mission rewards cosmetics?

Odd to just single one out, I would‘ve thought crew challenges would be more important considering we‘re talking about campaign long rewards being lost with 1 button press :man_shrugging: