Email to agree to NDA

Hi there.

Just wanted to check with a moderator that the email I received about logging into shift with a link in an email, to agree to an NDA was legitimate. It seems a bit “shifty” to me to do something like that, so I have logged into shifts webpage directly and there is no option to agree to anything on the site. The Email was from "". Can someone confirm it’s authenticity please.

Screen grab attached.


This is legitimate.

This email was sent out to anyone who had previously signed up at

The goal is to get the legal mumbo jumbo (NDAs) out of the way now, so that when testing begins, people don’t have to mess around with that stuff before playing.

It’s legite. I just did mine. once you read through the NDA at the bottom there is a space to accept it on the site.

Nope. I haven’t gotten one and I signed up. But I guess that’s not something to happen in an instant.

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Cannot answer your questions because of NDA :sunglasses:


Remember to check in your spam folder. If it isn’t there, hope you get it soon.

Got mine aswell, can’t wait!
Gearbox start the Technical Test already! :grinning:

Weird. I got my usual notification about spam, but there was just the usual scam stuff. But when I checked on another device, the email showed up.
Either way, i got it. Thx :slight_smile:


Thanks Jeffybug. Sounds like such blatant phishing scam though! I presume the Shift web page does not have the framework to allow you to do this directly? Pretty pumped to jump into this and have a go though.

Hopefully see you out there folks.

Technically speaking, you receive this email before you’re actually under NDA, so talking about this specific email would not violate your NDA.

What about the people who cant sign ndas because of an nda?

Sorry for any confusion! The RSVP site was updated today to include the NDA in the sign-up process. We needed to let everyone know that registered before today’s update that they need to return and fill out an NDA before the selection process starts :slight_smile:

Not a Problem. I’m all sorted now. Thanks again for your help. Fingers are crossed!

NDAception! haha

Got it.
Hope I’m in.

Ready to rumble? See you guys and gals once the private forums are up?

I’m assuming this is still a prelim and people aren’t actually being accepted into testing yet?

Hmmm. I can’t discuss how much I will love/hate Thorn on twitter. Eh, ok.

That’s correct. Nothing to download just yet.

I think you can acquire a special permit from Gearbox, that allows you to Twitter “I love Thorn!” once a day :slight_smile:

I got this email as well today, it tells me to click on the link in the email to agree to the NDA, but nothing on the email is clickable.