Embarrassing Comment About Tanis

OK, she has always been sort of weird during BL1, BL2, and BL3, but while we know, from BL1, why she is a little weird.

But I have a confession, of a sort.

In my opinion, she does have a nice-looking {butt}.

Just saying…

i think ur on the wrong site my guy O.o



Beware of her exes they may not like your comment , you would not want to be ambushed by furniture or a minecart :joy:


Having ASD myself she’s the best character in the game for me :joy:

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Good thing you only brought up butts and not smellovision. The thread might have been closed.

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In addition, to Gearboxes decision:

In BL1 we only saw her sitting in that damnable desk.

In BL2 she wore an attractive short skirt-looking thing.

In BL3, we FINALLY notice that she has nice buttocks.

Also, her facial appearance improved likewise.

Hey! Just saying!

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