Embarrassing moments with only yourself to blame

I think we’ve all managed to relay well the moments when we’ve been screwed over by the RNG, or a random little issue with the game.

That is a given.

But how about those times we have only ourselves to blame? When we look over a detail that could have made our jobs so much easier, and it was really only our fault.

Here is to a bit of catharsis, I’ll start of with mine.

  1. Finding out Slowhand was a Moxxi weapon (a week ago).
  2. Trying 30 different ways of killing Vora before settling with Bloodsplosion.
  3. Telling the Missus; “Yea, I’m sure Cloudkill will be a good skill later in the game”.
  4. Every time I drive off the edge of the map because I think I’m Ricky Bobby.
  5. Forgetting Vault Hunters Relic on after farming.

I’ll have more.


Getting killed by Tediore reloads and hitting F (BXR) when I wanted to hit G (grenade).


I won’t lie. That has happened to me as well.

Going through The Forest, a Nukem dropped from a pot. Excited about my new random legendary drop I picked it up and used it on the next enemy… Instantly downing myself.

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I’ve remapped my melee key to f, so I sometimes hit myself in the head when I mean to throw a grenade.


Well, look at the bright side;

You had the PERFECT gun for a second wind!


It does nothing for farming. It’s only useful early game to get more greens/blues. It doesn’t affect boss loot pools at all.

Before Bl2 came out I thought Clould Kill would be awesome, the ability to put a corrosive dot on anyone while using a different gun would have been amazing in Bl1.

Oh how wrong we were.


Perfect response. :smile:

  1. Believing Vault Hunters relic did anything in the first place.

I am genuinely ashamed. Think I’m going to have to nurse this shame with a nice glass of Scotch.

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I’ll be honest. I can’t take down OP8 Raid Bosses. Tried many different ways, but none of them worked.

Have to try the build I made the other day…

I hope you brought enough for everyone else (me!). :wink:

I’ve used that relic before, but I quickly get rid of it as soon as I find one that’s actually useful. And I’ve driven myself (and my wife) off of a cliff many a times, especially in The Dust.

Oh my god bro. You know my pain.

It’s bad enough when you drive off a cliff face in the dust when you’re alone, but with the Missus? I would’ve rather had my insurance premium go up mate.

Like clockwork she’s goes; “Remember when you had a go at me for hitting the back bumper against a snowbank while parking?”

Also, I can’t express how sad I am about the VH relic realization. Good god. I’m selling that crap the second I get home.

She’s done it to us as well, but she lets me do the driving when we have to go somewhere IRL. Then again, we own a Dodge RAM 2500 with an extended cab and a full length bed, so it’s not exactly something most people would feel comfortable driving. She has driven tactical vehicles, but she hasn’t gotten used to the Dodge yet. Still, her in-game driving is worse than mine. :wink:

In TPS, I’ll hit some big enemy who happens to freeze in the air. I’m wearing an Ack Ack, and shooting them from fairly close range. The flak is damaging me, but I don’t stop shooting. Usually I survive, but I have flakked myself to death before.

1, Rocket launchering, grenading, tedioring myself to death

2, forgetting to move at all while fighting badasses/bosses… Multiple times.

3, Buttslamming at stupid times, sending myself to my death.

4, Passing on low level oranges to friends by dropping them… Off the edge of the map…

I could keep going but the memories hurt…


I know what you mean. It does happen to everyone though.

There are times where I have Flakked myself over, and I usually can’t help but feel like a big flakking idiot.

Hah, it’s funny you should say a Dodge Ram 2500. I’ve never driven one, but she has. Her father has 3 cars, and one of them is the 2500! She used to drive it quite often whenever it hit Winter around here.

The last time I drove off a cliff in BL must’ve been about 3-4 months ago. Genuinely speaking, I don’t remember the last time I entered a runner in the Dust. I’m usually just there to kill some Tubbys.

Well…tried to do Terra. I suck at raiding definitely. Wasn’t able to keep 100 Bloolust stacks nor 20 StW. Is there a way to kill him OP8?, Gulf?, Giuv?, halp pls xD

Talking about cars, we have a 1992 Mitsubishi Expo xD

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I feel like the ultimate fail-safe in these situations is going for a Bloodsplosion.

Drop Tesla, Quasar or Storm Front to stay alive (with Rubi or Grog). Then switch over to Slag Grenades and fill the field with them. Finally, get to one of the tentacles and stab them with your Rapier.

Should cause the field to burst.

I swear to you, after Vora, I say “Bloodsplosion” in my sleep.

Here is a cool video about it from a user of the Old Forums, Dank-Raft.

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Let’s see…How big of a wall of text do you want? :grin:
I’ll just pick a few:
-Forgetting you threw an AOI grenade and battle close while sharing the effects with your enemies.
-Selling off a specialty weapon when not realizing it’s benefits.
-Just the other day in Tinkerton, Falling off the ledge when going for the red chest on the cliff.
Then having to run all the way around back up. No biggie, But when you miss it 5 times in a row!!
Either do a little jump down from the side or slowly drop from above. Just walking from side, the snowbank makes you miss every time.