Embarrassing moments with only yourself to blame

The dying screams of our enemies is music to our ears.

Can’t here the outside of my head voices with all the inside of my head voices vying for position.

[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:270, topic:77214, full:true”]
The dying screams of our enemies is music to our ears.[/quote]Many spiderants by Norfleet.

If one thing has been learned from my mistakes, it’s that ‘thinking’ can be a dangerous thing, although it’s doubtful which is more dangerous – ‘thinking’, or not thinking.

This is something I HATE. When a blue and a green light beam overlaps each other, turns cyan.

This isn’t embarassing, but is weird xD MIDGEYCEPTIOOOOOON

I caught a Nukem with my face once. After I had gotten one through a drop I was experimenting with its trajectory and tilted back a bit too far and ended up catching it on my chin. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I had three individuals around so while I did not die, I did have an audience.


Once upon a time, I had auto aim enabled. Then an obnoxious enemy started charging at me. I opted to face him in battle. Auto aim thought the enemy up and to my left who posed no threat was more important. I ran/jogged off a cliff to an instant death doom cause the camera angle changed.

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Zomg, you found the second most rare item in the game! The fabled “white dwarf” pearlescent grenade! Second only to the Cobra, of course.

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So tonight I was fighting my way up to the Bunker and had an LM war loader spawn out of the container I opened. He proceeded to promptly melee off the nearby cliff…magnificent bastard! I promptly came back and got my revenge, and of course he would drop nothing but ammo…

Just died today by freezing to death in Southern Shelf Bay. Also lost 250 anarchy stacks because of it.

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Winter Came.

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After refilling my rocket ammo I forgot to remove my OP6 Sham in favor of my OP8 Antagonist when fighting Son of Cramerex- and I wondered why I died so fast…

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You know the fails previously talked about where an unfriendly Sticky Homing grenade gets R2S’d on a Stalker? Well, I was doing the MIRV challenge on TVHM with an OP8 Sticky Homing MIRV (explosive / x10)…and I shouldn’t have laughed. No, seriously.

Also, I experienced the barrel fail while running through Frostburn Canyon (for Story) at the entrance to Lilith’s lair where the two Badass Psychos spawn. You know that barrel next to the entrance? Fired a Norfleet at the first BP…and triggered that barrel, which sent me straight to FFYL. To rub salt in it, Angel pops up (while I’m dying) and says “You see? Traps. Don’t let that happen.”


Hate it when that happens (freezing to death not losing anarchy stacks, I just can’t ignore the DoT screams of death from Gaige to play her for any significant length of time).

For today I killed two BA bullymongs near Ebonflow with a new character only to nearly die from a stupid rakk…

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That takes serious skill to do that. High five?

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“Angel pops in to assist in absolutely no way.” Is practically her role in BL.

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Sure :smile_cat:
(+15% gun damage, +50% firerate and regenerate 3% max health per second for a while cause TPS Clappy main w/high fives guys)

After I finally get Vermiverous to spawn at Tundra Express the damn buzzards showed up and drove him to the edge of the map. I followed after them trying to shoot down the buzzards while drawing Vermi back from the edge- and get hit by a train…

One thing to note: If Buzzards are involved, it’s never embarrassing. When Buzzards are involved, it’s trolling.

Holy crap, I thought that was just me. I used her for a mule a couple of times. She got some corrosive DOT on her… I thought someone merged the Bane with a dying CAT.

I think that just ruined me ever using that character.