Embarrassing moments with only yourself to blame

That takes serious skill to do that. High five?

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“Angel pops in to assist in absolutely no way.” Is practically her role in BL.

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Sure :smile_cat:
(+15% gun damage, +50% firerate and regenerate 3% max health per second for a while cause TPS Clappy main w/high fives guys)

After I finally get Vermiverous to spawn at Tundra Express the damn buzzards showed up and drove him to the edge of the map. I followed after them trying to shoot down the buzzards while drawing Vermi back from the edge- and get hit by a train…

One thing to note: If Buzzards are involved, it’s never embarrassing. When Buzzards are involved, it’s trolling.

Holy crap, I thought that was just me. I used her for a mule a couple of times. She got some corrosive DOT on her… I thought someone merged the Bane with a dying CAT.

I think that just ruined me ever using that character.


You could just lower the dialog volume to zero…

Then I miss out on Torgue’s quips…




Good point… Maybe turn off player callouts?

Wait… does that actually work!?!

I don’t know. I’ll go stand in some acid and find out. I’ll edit this post when I have an answer.

Edit: Nope. It doesn’t work.

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Was in arid nexus farming HH. I had about 10 bee sheild drop that were 70 or 71. On one run I got a loot midget spawn on the platform outside where HH is. The loot midget dropped a thunderball fist. I killed HH and didn’t get anything. In a fit of rage I quit the game with out picking up the thunderball fist.

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Hits this button multiple times :crying_cat_face:

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You’ll just have to mute all dialog… Or listen to loud music when ever you play as her.

So this will be a different kind of moment, but I think above all else the boarderlands community will understand.

So one of the things my gaming partner and I really enjoy, is media that is socially progressive and supports a strong community of acceptance for people. We played the hell out of boarderlands 2 already and we’re so excited for Tiny Tina ’ s assault on dragon keep as we also had played other DnD or medieval games. So we are going through the playthrough and it is funny, loved torgue, and are getting really how much roland meant to this kid, this kid that lost her parents growing up, and having that other father figure in roland was important. We get to the final boss fight with the handsome sorcerer and I had already warned her that I had heard it was brutal, and was it ever, as Tiny Tina finally broke down and confronted her reality we both lost it crying, and it didn’t stop until after the credits. While this is a more personal issue, for a game to pull you in, empathize with the character, and to tackle all the social issues it has, is amazing.


It’s been a while since I last fought Terra. I’m farming him again for the first time in over two years. Guess how many times he knocked me off the cliff before I realised he wasn’t ‘one shotting’ me?

No it was more than that. About a dozen times. How embarrasment.

I actually have a video of my fail https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=4c92c33b5c962382!112&authkey=!ANleqljPpXeq2rw&ithint=video%2Cmp4

@Zenrenal: I should point out that that’s TPS (and not B2), but the bigger question is what just happened there?

[quote=“pobox013, post:302, topic:77214, full:true”]I tried to ride the train in Lynchwood by jumping on top of it. Hey, it works in the old Westerns, right?

Well… it doesn’t work on Lynchwood.[/quote]


Do not try to ride the train. In a game where you can fall from tremendous heights and suffer no damage, you might reasonably assume that you can jump onto and ride a moving train. You cannot. The train will instantly kill you.

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Most embarrassing moment while playing BL2 that I did to myself! In the Marcus Mercenary Day DLC. I had spent 15 hours straight, turning off the game turning on the game so it would not save and running to the Train of loot to try and get some awesome outstanding amazing gear… Only to realize all I had to do was beat the abominable snowman again to gain access to the precious chest! I got one orange loot piece, 2 purples and 8 Eridium for my troubles.

I have not been back to that area since.


I genuinely feel like I have to respond to this.

I think it can be disarming when comedy, of all things, pulls on a string of the heart.

When we’re presented by some game whose tone and theme revels on the “dark and gritty” we prepare ourselves for the worst of times. For many of us, this is not life. As much as we would claim others in our worst of moments, we spend the majority of life attempting to find an opiate from these moments, or just in a general state of catharsis. Even the horribly dull grind is some how better than a looming issue.

When we’re presented with a “zombie apocalypse”, a “world war” or anything else of the sort, we are prepared for horrors. This is not life.

In reality, I feel as though it is the breaks between levity which hit us the worst. Like life, it happens suddenly and when we expect times to be best. It doesn’t get darker at midnight, and it doesn’t get brighter in midday. Not usually at least.

Tiny Tina’s usually bubbly personality being compromised is more difficult.

Even the most absurd bit of fun like Borderlands, can express a range of emotion.