Embarrassing moments with only yourself to blame

Double-check failure strikes again. Just got a Homing Bonus Packing from B&B, equipped it…and totally forgot it was on. Got myself into a battle, threw a grenade to heal myself – and found this little red ball bouncing back into my face…

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Did you know that it’s possible to be knocked into FFYL by the booze truck in the Dust? I didn’t, until last night when Maya accidently stepped in front of it in front of Ellie’s…for about 2 seconds, she’s hung up on the truck’s skull before the game decided that this wasn’t gonna work and triggered the respawn sequence.

Damn man.

At least it isn’t as annoying as the car insta-kill in BL.

Gun-play is the BL was to die for, but the vehicle fights would kill me (har har).

I would be in FFRY, and I would use a northfleet and get a second wind, then immediately down myself after getting up. Also, I have downed my self with a northfleet, then immediately get a second wind, so that’s why I still do it aha.

Had a good one just now. Doing a round of Magic Slaughter (as I’ve never done it before). Murderlin says “watch out for the trapdoors!”, approximately two seconds before I throw myself into a spike trap. Typical. That was the only time I died doing the Slaughter.

Let me explain to you how weird my mind is.

Every time I die some random death in a game, I think to myself;

“Imagine if that was the end of the story?”

Like when I fall 10 feet down in the Witcher and instantly crumble like a sack of potatoes and I think to myself; “Imagine if that is where the books end.”

Just a line that said.

“He lost his footing and snapped his neck. The End.”


That makes sense, sometimes I think like that too! I wonder if there are any games that actually have that as a mechanic?

Tundra Express Train Fail.

As much as I feel your pain. It can’t be an embarrassing moment if it has happened to virtually everyone to have ever walked in to the Tundra Express.

There’s a section where you can walk under the train tracks. If you are under there, it still kills you.

Something similar happened to me with the train in Lynchwood. I was standing on the platform above the tracks and still died when the train came in.

I would be… railing… in such a circumstance.



“The mighty hero of Pandora stood where victory had come so easily, above a pyrophiliac named Peter, basking in the glow of his absolute dominance and eager to acquire new weaponry and gear which would surely bring his power beyond mortal description. Then an elevator landed on his head and he died. The end.”


[quote=“Giuvito, post:375, topic:77214, full:true”]
As much as I feel your pain. It can’t be an embarrassing moment if it has happened to virtually everyone to have ever walked in to the Tundra Express.
[/quote]Just a case of “VHs next to the track are closer than they think”. ~sigh~

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As sal throwing two quasar and thinking im in the clear and the little splosion just destroying my shield and health then getting shot by a random bullet (most of the time its my fleet blast damage) and not a bandit soul in sight :cry:

or like I did yesterday I turned all the volume (in game) down so I could hear ppl with mics and then my P2 say I cant hear anything so iturn them back up and shooting my fleet to test the volume and I go down so I tuen to hm and say "Hhhmm you know you could turn and res me and you know your guns will still be there " but nope I die he finishes and turns and is like oh

I die to the train only when I try to kill vermi with it

That happened to me as well- supposedly it’s a known glitch in the game. The only way to avoid it is to make sure you don’t stand there after hearing the train horn…

I threw a Longbow Quasar behind two Anchorman…at the same time that one of them yanked me, pulling me into the blast of my own grenade and insta-FFYLing me.


After basically blowing through Digistruct Peak up to OP7 solo as 26/15/26 L. Engineer Axton, I ran into a sort of a wall, and have yet to unlock OP8. This weekend, I had my first 1.5 days without my lady or my kids in awhile, so I decided to work out a consistent solution for Dukino’s Mom and the Assassins (this room was as far as I had gotten). I came up with some ideas, and spent part of Saturday evening farming up a few items.

Sunday was set aside for getting to OP8. I did some things around the house in the morning, then got into the game a little after noon, making it a point to think of the time as learning experience. I cruised to Dukino’s Mom, implemented some adjustments, and had her down before the end of my second turret deployment. Felt good. Moved on to the next room, with a new solution intended to speed up the Black Queen room. They’ve never been a problem for me, but have been a little time consuming. I drug them into the door area between their room and the big rock room, barricaded them in the space with my 2 turrets, and then used Incendiary Crossfires + Incendiary Lead Storm. That worked great! On to the next room. Bonehead room is never dramatic. Mostly just fun with Pimpernels.

Fast forward to the Assassins… new solution worked great. I had the room down very, very quickly.

At this point, I was very confident, but also a little nervous about blowing it by getting smashed at the Saturn room. I took a brief break, then sat down and was very methodical. That paid off. I cleared to the Saturn spawn efficiently, and before I knew it, I had my final foe of the room at around 30% health, I had 2 fresh turrets going to work on him, I was at full health and shield, with plenty of ammunition, and was standing in the box with the vendors, where I had health and ammunition on tap, with Saturn still on the lower ground.

I was in complete control.

…and then, I backed off the ledge.


“There stood Axton. A soldier without equal. After aiding in the defeat of Handsome Jack, and securing the fate of the planet for a few decades. He would casually take on armies as he honed his skills for the next adventure. That is to say, prior to falling off a cliff and dying after attempting to use a vending machine.”