Embers purge anointed

I’ve made 2 posts about this already and haven’t gotten any replies, and it could be because I have nothing to offer in return, so I understand if I don’t get one. I just keep seeing these trading posts and its making me jealous, I know there has to be at least 1 person in the ps4 player base that got embers purge anointed for beast master (hopefully not rakk or gamma, I dont use those) and doesn’t want it, so before you delete that embers purge , perhaps you can give it to this lowly fl4k who loves the element fire.

Anointed are tough to come by for sure. Looking for a decent one for Amara as well. I’ll keep you in mind if I see one for Flak.

Thanks!, yeah especially since its a quest reward, i bet you knew that already of course, but gosh if there was a way to farm it myself, you surely wouldnt see me on this forum.

I collect them, but most people trash Fadeaway Accuraccy and handling increased. Life steal isn’t bad either, but people don’t tend to hang on to them. You said you’re not interested in Rakk or Gamma so why not 100% ASE or 125% Splash Damage or something like that? I probably have General Damage like that if your interested.

Yeah that would be awesome, splash or general!

I probably have those and will post pics tomorrow after I get up.

Ok thank you

Oh and my psn name is khajiit_kyle

I’ll add you later on today.

Excellent , thank you!

Hey Jorge… Would love one with either of those anoints as well. Got a ton of stuff to send in return.
PSN is PIKE2564

I would also trade you for 1 my psn is colbykente912 lots of dlc stuff to trade

Hey Colby… Happy New year

Same :slight_smile:

I’m interested too if you have an extra one. What are you looking for? :slight_smile:

40% Sliding Damage shotguns , One Pump, Butcher, Garcia, Sledges, Redline, etc.

300% Slam elemental Infinity Pistols

250% Phasecast Corrosive Infinity

Mayhem 4 250% Phasecast Weapons and 300% Slam

Nimble Jack shotgun with good annointment

9 Volt with good annointment

Snowdrift Splatter Gun or Ice Breaker Splatter Gun with a minimum of Magazine Size, but Shotgun Damage would be good too.

Band of Sitorak Shields with interesting perks and annointments.

Elemental anointed Dictators X6

Super Shredifiers with decent anointments

I replied to your other thread about the sliding shotguns. Only got incendiary Hellwalker and cryo/incendiary Trevonator for that.

I also have both the Juliet’s Dazzle and EXECUTE (shock) with 250% wpn dmg after phasecast, incendiary Dictator x6 with 300% wpn dmg after phaseslam, and Shredifier with 65% radiation dmg with Gamma Burst.

I’ll trade you for the Dazzle.

Great. What’s your PSN? I’m not on right now but I’ll add you later today.

PSN jorgeammo