Embiggened Boom and Nades On Nades

Does the level 8 Embiggened Boom mess up, or at least not work with, the level 2 Nades on Nades? I took both this weekend, and it seemed that after I took the Embiggened Boom, the grenades seemed to not do very much at all, like a little firecracker going off.

To be honest Nades on Nades never did much until I got the level 8 damage boost helix.
When I’m playing solo I’ll try this combo and see what results I get.

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Nades on Nades is the worst alternate helix for any level EVER because there’s no legit reason to pick it, its his version Of Whiskey’s level 1 helix where slowing is 9.8/10 the better option. Nades on Nades on straight up gimps you in nearly every manner as a grenade upgrade…

There is NO way to make it good