Embrace the pain not affecting the buzz-axe throwing

Can someone tell me how to throw buzzaxes faster with embrace the pain? It doesn’t work for me.

Embrace the Pain doesn’t speed up buzz axe throwing. The only skill that does is Elemental Elation.

I swear embrace the pain does, i heard someone talk about it before.

It doesn’t. Check the DDD guide lower down in the Krieg section.

Thank you. Also did u know that Tiny Tina coms do.

Use a sheriff’s badge or Elemental Elation.

Sheriff’s Badge? Dafuq?

Sheriff’s badge. Great for pistols and chucking axes. Good luck trying to get one though.

I know what it it, but how does the game increase Buzzaxe firerate with it equipped? Does it consider the buzzaxe a pistol? Does it boost Buzzaxe damage too?

IIRC the axe is counted as a Bandit Pistol in the game’s files to make it throw-able. I might be wrong though…

Yes it does, which is why K puts away anything he’s carrying when he rampages. I don’t know why EE affects it but EtP doesn’t. I guess it’s a coding issue. :blconfused:

Holy cow, i never knew that, and i thought my knowledge about Krieg was alright.

With grenade buffs it is considered a…grenade. Weird ass things from the Buzz Axe…

All hail

The buzz axe has more identity problems than K. Definitely xD

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Yeah i knew about that. Also did u know u can drunk throw :smile:

Oh, that’s the effect of the Grog Nozzle.
Never seen it by myself though.

It can’t really be used effectively, because the accuracy is shity, but if you are going us against someone like the warrior, it can do a lot of dmg with FTB active on a good melee spec.