Emerald weapons, what voodoo do they do?

So I’ve read a couple things about them but nobody really agrees on the details.

I’ve heard they get an extra crit bonus. I’ve heard they have slight boosts in non-normal stats that make it hard to nail down like normal bonuses…

Does anybody know?

What I know for sure:

They don’t have an official name but the community agrees upon calling them Gemstone.

Each manufacturer has their own mineral variant:
Bandit - Quartz
Dahl - Emerald
Hyperion - Diamond
Jakobs - Citrine
Maliwan - Aquamarine
Tediore - Cubic Zerconia
Torgue - Rock
Vladof - Garnet
Minerals override the normal prefix of a gun but are still working. You just need to know your parts. They also come with their own very pretty skins. For example, all Torgue Gemstone guns will have the same skin, no matter the type. A Vengeful Anarchist will become a Garnet Anarchist with a neat skin but the Fire Rate bonus from the accessory is still working. Same is true for the Gemstones of course.
Not all randomly generated guns can be Gemstone however. For example, a bug prevents Aquamarine (Maliwan) Snipers from being generated. Almost no E-Tech Gemstones are possible either but I’ve seen a Diamond Dart.

Crit bonuses as you already know yourself but they are really small. I don’t know which crit type however.

While you are holding one in your hand you have a small chance of reflecting bullets.

I am not aware of any visible stat changes.

I’d honestly rather not link to the wiki but I’ll do it for this one. I hope somebody who’s observed them more closely than me can confirm or deny some of the stuff in there.
Everything I said before that link is based on my own findings and the claims of trustworthy members (that I can remember) however.


Me neither (for certain) but we once had a start in figuring them out:


They seem to almost all be Type A (the normal type) but some of them do fuzzy things to the maths, and they seem to all have different bonus… which is weird.


I recall hearing that these skins also include a chance for incoming enemy bullets to ricochet? Rise of the living thread!

Blackheart mentioned that, but, yeah. I once took a higher level character with a gemstone gun to a lower level area and just let bandits shoot me until they killed themselves. :slight_smile:

Found a couple Gem Darts and Spikers. They shoot funny. You can barely see it fire. Kinda like just sparkles come out. Interesting.

I farmed her for a couple of hours last night. Collected a few interesting guns to test out later. Got a nice Citrine Muckamuck among others.

Does a Gem Weisenhimer exist? :slight_smile: I know those are rare to begin with. I just wonder if you can get rare * rare

Ah well, I’ll fiddle with them soon.


They should exist as they are only a very specific combination of parts. For some reason, SMGs with the Maliwan Barrel receive a special title for each element and Weisenheimer is the Corrosive Hyperion variant (Backburner for Fire, Storm for Shock and Convergence for Slag just to give a few Hyperion SMG examples). By definition, they are just as rare as any other specifically parted gear, they are just unique in that they have special titles but do not behave in any different way.
Of course, getting a specific Gemstone, especially if it requires specific parts, is very unlikely but certainly not impossible.

Only Hyperion Darts and Spikers can become Gemstone when looking at just the E-Tech barrel. But this is caused by a seperate glitch.

Sweet. It was a non elemental Dart.

That’s why the shots looked invisible. Gem farming is finished. Builds will be made and testing shall begin soon.

Not sure if they do exist, gem weisens. But lately I’ve collected quite a few in 72. Weisens, Wellness and Backburners. So far the most one is the Storm.

Here’s a video of the citrine muckamuck in action. I just love the look of jacobs snipers.

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Only thing that’s not in the pool while it should are Maliwan sniper rifles.
Rocket Launchers are excluded entirely from the Gemstone-pool.

They’re actually all norfleets incognito.

Thats good to know. Particularly now thats there nothing for me to buy w/ eridiums I can probably spend some down time farming the pony :slight_smile:

Ah, level 61, I remember you fondly.

Nice shooting in the video.

While it’s interesting reading this thread, the title can’t help but remind me of Dead Island’s theme tune/rap song.

“Who do you voodoo, b****?”


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man, theres a game i havent played in awhile, dead island was awesome… but back on topic, i didnt even know until just now that the whole gemstone thing was a thing, lol, gotten a couple and sold them not knowing that the gemstone name actually meant something

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