Emergency Response Not Only Doesn't Work, But Actually Makes You Worse

So yeah was excited to get to Emergency Response in the Survivor Tree of Guardian Rank for my 1hp Bloodletter Moze. Turns out… it makes recharge delay worse.

I tested my recharge delay before speccing the 75th point. Just did it with the stop watch feature on my phone so ofc it’s not super accurate. So i did it 4 times. I’m using a Transformer btw. The four times were all around 9.2-9.4 seconds.

Redeemed the token giving me Emergency Response (Improve Shield Recharge Delay and Rate based on missing health) aaand yeah now my recharge delay is right around 11 seconds every time…

So wonderful. I actually just made myself worse by getting a skill i was grinding for and looking forward to.

Posted this here because i’m making a guess it’s a problem with the Bloodletter. Or more likely Bloodletter’s nerf. Wish i tested more before taking that skill

Edit: Never mind i forgot i had tested it without bloodletter also and it was just under 4s. Now it is closer to 6s… Great skill. It just straight up not only doesn’t work. It does the exact opposite of what it says

You can see in this video that with full health, i lose shields between 17 and 18 seconds. It begins regening at 22 seconds. So the 4.8 seconds that the transformer is supposed to have. I only have 1.89% shield recharge delay buff in guardian rank.

Then i put a Deathless on to get to 1hp. Then take it off so it’s same gear with different hp. I lose shields right about at 43 seconds. It doesn’t start regening until almost 50 seconds. 6+ second delay… when it is supposed to be better. Wtf happened here??

Sorry i don’t know how to edit in a stopwatch lol. But the difference is plain to see none the less


Long story well still long… The skill makes you worse and i probably posted it in the wrong section hastily. Sorry about that. I blamed it on Moze’s skills when in fact it seems as though it’s the Emergency Response skill itself that is bugged

I’m bumping this because this is actually true.

I did the same thing, i timed my shield’s recharge delay before assigning the guardian rank that would activate emergency response because i was curious about how much delay reduction i was about to get from it. I shall admit that i was not particularly precise, i just manualy started and stopped the stopwatch on my phone while inflicting status effect DoT on myself with a splash damage gun. I was just looking for a rough estimate as i like to use shields with minimal delays.

Anyway i clocked my delay before that guardian rank at pretty much exactly 1 second. I then unlocked emergency response and retimed my shield with the stopwatch, and…omg it is now 2 seconds. There was no mistaking it, this guardian perk actually increases our recharge delay and does the opposite of what it is supposed to do.

A really disheartening bug discovery after speccing mostly into the survivor tree first specifically for this broken perk. And we have no way to undo or even turn off the guardian ranks, which BL2 did have.
I really hope this perk’s bug gets noticed and fixed by Gearbox, as well as Moze’s tenacious defense capstone skill which does not function as it is described, and also the status effect visual bug that often happens when we take control of iron bear.
All these issues being disheartening is slightly understating how i feel about them tbh.


I forgot about this. It was broken before they bugged guardian rank perks, and when they re-enabled them it was still broken.

Good call bringing it up again, I haven’t seen much talk about it lately.


I meant to reply to you


Yeah this…I remember talk about it being borked before the guardian rank issues… Seems like it still is. Pfft.

We need a fix not only for this “perk”, but the ability to toggle individual ones on and off. If you ever take Shield Reboot, say goodbye to any build that wants your shields to remain depleted. Shortsighted, bad design on top of erroneous coding.


Well, next Guardian level would have unlocked this for me. It’s the last skill I need. Guess I’ll just avoid it for now.

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Same lol. I’m literally 1 more GR away from this capstone and it’s the last one I need!

With the ever mounting list of bugs and performance issues, on top of the disheartening fact that I will likely never see a +3 Stoke the Ember’s Raging Bear com w/bonus Incendiary, due to ■■■■■ drop chances(and no way to interact with gear variables i.e. Diablo3 Kanai’s Cube, it’s all combined together to give me bad vibes. I haven’t even logged in for nearly two weeks.

I’m honestly just a forum stalker at this point. Which if you need me, you would know is truly sad as I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 & Pre-Sequel aling with Battleborn nearly exclusively for at least 5 years now.

*I took some time for Diablo3 and Fallout4. Maybe a few other games. Oh and Battleborn. Otherwise, I’ve been die-hard Borderlands player. Don’t know I’ll do if GBX don’t get their ■■■■ together.

Honestly, I would possibly even break my rule and just breakdown and eBay the classmod I want but the game has so many other mechanical and performance issues that I don’t feel comfortable investing anymore bucks into now

Sorry big time rant! Yeah…

Is Emergency Response still not working and if it’s not…is it still making recharge worse? Should I be disabling this perk?

It was fixed a while ago.