Emotet Detected in Borderlands 2 Executable

Today Windows Defender detected Emotet when I attempted to launch Borderlands 2.

I haven’t downloaded or installed anything in the past few weeks and I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 without incident all week.

Doing an online search revealed a number of threads posted to reddit in the last day or so saying the same thing, including people who have only recently purchased Borderlands 2.

Is this a real threat or a false positive?

It could just be a false positive, seeing as how BL2 hasn’t received an update on PC for a while that I know about. Does the game still launch?

Edit - this has a bit more information on the trojan itself

Looks like it could possibly have got on your system from email, any document with macros enabled. or from another computer on the same local network. From some other links, it looks like it’s also going through a surge in activity right now, so it’s quite possibly you picked it up from something else first.

For those interested, the cause of the problem was editing the executable to run mods. While this has been working perfectly fine for the last 10 months I’ve been playing the game, recently Windows Defender has started to flag the edited executable as a trojan. Despite editing the executable nearly a year ago.

I’ve taken the issue up with the hex edit tool developer.

Noted. Topic closed since resolved.