Empowered scholar help Xbox

My gamertag is MafiaStyle and I’m on right now trying to take down this boss and I keep messing up cause of jumping on the rocks back and forth. Just need help with this fight if anyone can join me would be amazing.

Don’t even bother jumping on the moving platforms. Just shoot the crystals from where you’re at. You can easily get 3 of them. He’ll come back to where you are.

Edited to say crystals. I couldn’t remember exactly what they were.

Ty for the tip

Lots of excellent tips in this thread, although I’ll just link the post with a couple of helpful videos for you:

Note that if you can take down all the crystals when ES is on the platform (4 on one, 5 on the other) he won’t have his full shield/armour when he comes back.

Ty all!