Empress Lenore?


On outskirts, there’s an area with a bunch of characters on posters in one of the alleys. This character is on one of them, and if it’s not Lenore, it’s still a character they have in the works, as Featured on the wall is Rath, Rendain, Caldarius, and Deande ( I think )

So… Lenore, or no?

EDIT: Couldn’t get a picture of the actual poster, here’s some shmuck’s thumbnail.

Not sure who Aria is.

The poster REALLY looks like that woman, so I’m guessing it’s her.

Now I want Aria as a playable character

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Confirmed to be Aria


Noice. I really, REALLY love how she looks. I was like this: :open_mouth: When watching the stream.

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Also worth noting, Silent Sisters don’t appear to have a uniform they have to wear. Since Aria is wearing some sort of exo suit similar to Shock Trooper armor (probably a Jennerit Elite class battlesuit), which is completely different to Ambra’s getup. Deande is also a Silent Sister, however she also has the dual role of being the Spymaster as well. This means it is entirely possible the 5th and final season 1 character IS a Silent Sister (I’m still leaning on someone from Rendain’s area though) :sunglasses:

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Never did this before, so I need some preparations… cough ehem…

I KNEW IT :grin:

PS: Totally hyped fo her, she looks amazing!!!


And Galilea (briefly). I can’t imagine her wearing a robe.

Wait, which part did you call? I just can’t find what you said and I wanna give props but I don’t know how

I love her, but even more, I love her voice. It kinda annoys me for some reason, and it’s a reminder I need to stop judging people who may be awesome

The Red Observer (Ebrys Lomil) is a fellow Arbiter like Galilea and also a member of the Arbiters of Being and possibly even part of the Helican Corps. I think Galilea had her sword and shield from before (the sword supposedly being reforged with Jennerit techquies by Rath during her time on Jennar) she even went uncover as a Silent Sister as the armor she wears now I reckon is meant to conceal her body which is unstable and draws energy from nearby beings. Given she was friends with Ambra, its possible her attire was similar to hers.

Oh yes, I just can’t imagine Galilea ever fighting in any way like Ambra. Even before her corruption, as you said she still had her sword and shield. Ik she was undercover but that can’t have been convincing. And since you know a lot, was Mellka ever an Observer? I’ve heard something like that but I’m not sure.

Nyahhh, I just always had the strong feeling she´ll be a Silent Sister and not Lenore herself and posted that somewhere last week.

Atm I just sit here and drool over that amazing character design - these wings and her armore are perfect :heart_eyes_cat:

I think Mellka was the new Red Observer after Ebrys, before she left the Eldrid to join Ghalt, @lowlines should know better though, I´ve not all lore complete yet.

I’ve only gotten through a portion of the lore so far. :sweat_smile: I kind of have doubts Mellka would be the current Red Observer because I believe that the Red Observer’s role is to observe the happenings within the Jennerit faction / Tempest, which requires being able to get in close, hence why the last Red Observer was an Arbiter because they have good relations with the Jennerit but are also a part of the Eldrid. I haven’t gotten to Eldrid lore yet, but I think Mellka was probably the Green Observer since she has a strong pull for her birthplace and lines up with how she was sick of the “lack of action” which she said to Boldur during The Experiment.

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I remember somewhere about her being the red observer and thought it made little sense as well. Her and the LLC we have much too little information about. Also the Silent Sisters, Lenore, and moat importantly IMO who Rendain communicated with to gain such control over Varelsi.

Bempress Blenore rules the Bennerit and Barelsi!!!


B…jennerit Babies!


Burn All The Babies!

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okay tiny tina! @FlamesForAll

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