Empty mystery room in Friendship Raid?

Was very curious…near the end of the level before you fight Wishingbone, there is what ammounts to a “platform area”…where you have to jump and dodge over a number of beams.

alongside the corridor there are rooms with large clustershards…except for one room near the end, which remains closed.

Now just above the door prior to that one is a space, which some characters like Pheobe and Benedict can get to, cross over and drop down into that room to find…nothing. No secret, no chests…just an empty space

i was wondering if this is something developers may have forgotten in a “rush”? or is there something that has to be unlocked before this room becomes relevant?


The pad that opens up the hatch leading to the boss fight will also open the door.

This is for the characters that can’t just fly/teleport/use other skills to get up there and destroy the shard.


As long as you have successfully destroyed both the previous hidden shard clusters then yes, that is exactly what happens. (I learned this the hard way :frowning: )

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Yeah, that too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I usually just shoot the tip of the shard from the ground…it’s a bit like “threading the needle” but it’s not too difficult…if you have a ranged attack that is, I can understand why an Attikus or kelvin might need that that then


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