Emptying my locker

I’m gonna trash this stuff if nobody really wants it. Most is op1,2 and 3. I do have random level stuff too, all legit. I thought maybe if someone is stuck in middle op levels this gear may help.

op8 kerblaster dahl stock, torgue grip w/accuarcy accessory
op8 nassty sawbar fire
op8 hammer buster
op8 ti’kope elephant gun
op8 rex
op8 landscaper
op8 onery triquerta
op8 orphan maker

op6 thrusting harold

op5 harold

op4 infinty

op2 conference call shock

op1 severe kitten corrosive
op1 thunderball fists

grenade mods
op8 fastball explosive
op6 fastball corrosive
op1 fastball shock

op6 rough rider

class mods
op8 slayer of terra - Sal
op3 leg berzerker
op3 leg siren
op2 leg titan
op1 leg siren

72 leg siren
72 leg nurse
72 leg hunter

72 purple and blue explosive relics other 72 stuff too

I think that’s it. I have other leveled stuff too just ask, I might have it.
psn: urban-stag


Hey @darla, very nice of you to give this stuff away. I have a Zero buddy so if I could get the
Lvl 72 leg sniper CM that would be really be cool, I’ll drop an FR over, thanks!

PS cheers for the advice on farming purple relics, I’ll be shooting the crap out
of the warrior later!

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May I have the Op4 shock Stalker and the lv72 Leg Siren mod? Thanks much in advance!

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yes @Orange_Teacher, I’ll keep them for you until we can meet online.

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I switched from mac to ps4 so my chars aren’t leveled yet, but could I have some gear for later anyway? I’d be interested in 72 Terra Psycho, op1 Homing Storm, op3 Thrusting Harold and op3 Butcher. Thank you very much! – PSN: The_Dwalks. I’m free tomorrow (Jan 27) at like 2-3 EST

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@dwalkerbeta, I sent you a request on psn, I’ll keep the gear until we can meet.

ill take all ur op3 gear for my siren if you don’t want it. my psn is dmntdmstrmnd. can you hold it for me? ill be on later tonight. whats ur psn? nevemind I see it. lol

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sure thing, I’ll hold it for ya. I don’t have the flakker anymore though.

il take whatever you have left

I’d be grateful for any OP2 or OP3 gear

Psn- Kamehameha69

What do you have left? If you still have the op4 infinity pistol would you be willing to give it to me?