Emptying out the ole bank. Haves and wants listed inside

I’m primarily looking for a recurring hex 'nade mod or a double penetrating laser sploder. My haves will be listed below. I prefer to send via mail. Thanks for looking. PS, all guns are lvl 50 unless noted otherwise. These will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Guns stats read as following: Damage, Accuracy, Handling, Reload Time, Fire Rate, Mag Size.

True Monocle: 1325/99%/71%/3.1s/1.06s/6
Arctic Relentless Night Hawkin: 436/77%/68%/2.1s/14.04s/27 (Cryo Efficiency = 126%
Cash-Infused Brainstormer: 343x7/63%/63%/2.4s/2.36s/6
Abundant Compressing Trevonator: 450x3/64%/69%/2.6s/7.94s/17 (Cryo and Radiation)
High Capacity Nimble Malak’s Bane: 802/94%/38%/2.9s/2.72s/23 (Anointed, Incendiary)
Auditing B*tch: 201/64%/67%/3.1s/12.35s/50 (Cryo Efficiency = 126%
Firesale Long Musket XXL: 172/62%/58%/1.6s/3.52s/29 (Incendiary)
Venomous Hornet: 618/83%/68%/2.3s/10.87s/19 (Corrosive)
Hawt Embrace the Pain: 367/53%/59%/Repair Time = 4.3s/8.28s/Shots to Break -69. (Incendiary)
Dueling Wagon Wheel: 1337/57%/57%/2.1s/10.50s/6
Rad Ginormous Bangarang XL: 526/49%/57%/1.0s/5.40s/30 (Radiation)
Super Ten Gallon: 647/75%/58%/1.6s/4.74s/22
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker: 533x10/54%/51%/1.0s/4.20s/2 (Anointed/Incendiary)
Reciprocating Try-Bolt: 1055/72%/55%/2.8s/9.24s/30
Gatlin’ Lead Sprinkler: 650/62%/79%/3.6s/8.39s/20
Shocking AAA: 585x2/80%/84%/1.3s/13.95s/9 (Shock)
Developing Conference Call: 289x5/55%/80%/3.5s/3.31s/10
Hazardous Thunderball Fists: 937/79%/81%/2.3s/3.15s/14 (Shock)
Defrauding Crossroad (LVL 43): 189.4/63%/67%/3.3s/9.45s/45 (Corrosive)
Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun: 2294x2/86%/57%/2.6s/1.27s/4
Shocking Star Helix: 380x3/79%/59%/2.3s/7.68s/24 (Shock)


Harmony Red Card: 8838/6.3/982
Shield Shredder Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: 8566/2.5/1071
Barricade Stop-Gap: 14753/5.7/1117
Culminating Big Boom Blaster: 4759/2.3/1642
Brawler Ward: 9701/7.6/1285
Failsafe Front Loader: 12849/5.2/1356
Revitalizing Re-Charger: 8969/4.8/1535
Adrenaline Rough Rider: 0/0.0/0
Rough Rider: 0/0.0/0
Revitalizing Nova Berner (Anointed Beastmaster): 3785/2.6/1392
Kneel and Heal Stop-Gap: 11681/6.2/1117
Fallout Red Suit: 3237/2.7/1642
Improved Re-Router: 9756/3.2/1214


Atom Balm Victory Rush
Atom Balm White Elephant
Flesh Melter Pull Out Method
Knife Drain Static Charge
Last Stand Pull Out Method
Toxic Revenger Otto Idol
Ice Spiker Deathless
Shock Stone Loaded Dice

Class Mods:

Insomniac Fragmented Dragon (Siren)
Primeval Meditative Phasezerker (2)

I have a corrosive dp laser sploder. I’d be intrested in the rowans call

what’s your GT?

HurtfulRyan m


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what are the stats on the deathless?

Imbue Slam with Cryo
Slam Bonus Damage: 88%
Slam Radius: +28%

+100% Shield Capacity.
+25% Shield Recharge Rate
+25% Shield Recharge Delay.

+17% Shotgun Damage
+27% Irradiate Damage
+37% Fight for your life movement speed.

What are the stats on your Phasezerker class mods

+50% Maliwan Weapon Accuracy
+50% COV weapon accuracy
+32% weapon accuracy

The other is:

+13% weapon fire rate
+20% Radiation Resistance
+50% Dahl Weapon Accuracy