En Fuego Clothesline

Honestly I like it better non ult’ed. You lose the knock up, right? I am finding that I just never use the skill while En Fuego is active. I guess it would be useful to finish someone off but I mostly tend to save my splash for the last second of the ult so it’s not as necessary for me. Also you can’t steer at all I’m pretty sure.

Do you guys think it would be better if they just left it alone during the ult, maybe just changing the speed and distance of it? I don’t know. I’m not trying to break ED but If activating an ult is supposed to change your skills then why make it worse than a regular CL? Maybe I’m using it wrong? Could any skilled Dragons share their thoughts on this?

I agree with you I don’t really like it!

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dude I’m sick of smacking walls and then dying lol

Even the stun is still just… meh :confused:

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The stun is fine… gives you time to land 2-3 crits. I guess it’s really just for interrupting somebody. Sometimes I feel like the range on it is different than the radius of dragon splash itself. I need to do some testing but I’m pretty damn sure I’ve seen some numbers pop up when splashing somebody but they didn’t get stunned. Same thing seems to happen with the knockup on clothesline

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The clothesline turns into a super burst ability rather than an initiation. I often use Fuego around corners while someone is distracted by a minion wave then Splash in and burst them down in 2-3 seconds or so. I always save it for finishing them off in case someone attempts to burst heal them when they get low.

Yes and no… You don’t lose it, the ability just turns into a homing attack that won’t allow you to knock-up if someone’s targeted. I often find myself having to aim at walls near them if I want to trigger the knock-up in Fuego.


Wow this is good information. Thank you!