Enable/Disable Guardian Rank Perks

Hey, I want to suggest a costumization change regarding Guardian Ranks.

I want to have the possibility to disable/enable Guardian Rank Perks and the bonus from Guardian Tokens. This would give the player more control over certain playstyles in context of some items that rely on having depleted shields (Brawler Ward shield for example).


Yeah, I agree that after killing one enemy I shouldn’t lose my melee bonus so I stopped running brawler ward because it gets ruined from the recharge

I agree. It’s also important for secondary playthroughs or when playing with friends that don’t play as much. If you have max Guardian stats and all perks unlocked you will destroy stuff even at low levels, which can make the game less fun for anyone you are playing with.

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This is so true! +1 for the option.We needs it smeagol rubbing hands

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Bumping because we need it