Enable Subtitle into VR Borderlands

Hello Tech support team / players,

I try here to post my issue / suggestion about enable subtitle into Borderlands VR.
I have bought Borderlands 2 VR recently and played it yesterday. It is awesome game to get experience in Borderlands world. Only I miss the subtitle where classic game has got. Will be there patch to enable / disable the subtitle? Because I am hard hearing.

PS. I have received a mail from Tech support and told me to share this issue to you. Please post your comment here that you want also subtitle in this game. Thanks.

I hope I will heard from you soon,

Thank you
Regards Rogier

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The only real way to put in sub titles would be to have them hover over the npcs heads. Putting them on screen where the usually go in non VR would Either block vision while playing or be to hard to read since in my experience the very corners of the headset are hard to get a good look at and strains your eyes to much.

That is good alternative, only it should not take too much development time to do same as original Borderlands 2? I like your option.