Enable to Store Sunspot

Just a small thread to ask for an Ambra new feature, as sunspot have more restriction than other ingame heals (pretty long CDR for this kind of heal, can be killed and can’t be place near a wave of minions). I think that sunspot deserve some kind of tweak

What about if we can store/charge our sunspot like Whiskey can do with his Scrap Cannon helix?

Or make it in the “Soloar Anomaly” helix ==> “Increases the number of simultaneous active Sunspots. And enables Sunspot to store 2 additional charges that can be placed with a 1 second cooldown. +1 Sunspot +2 Sunspot Charges.

It won’t really be a buff but just adding more possibilities to sunspot as it’s the only primary heal skill that have a CD which is pretty long for this kind of heal (miko doesn’t have any CD on his heal, alani have some conditions but pretty easy to spam and kleese healchair is permanent, mobile and stronger than sunspot)

Edit : It could also brings new helix like : “Use all charges to place a stronger and bigger Sunspot. +100% Health per Charge +20% Range per charge.”


Maybe just a helix that let’s you blow half your stored heat as a sunspot, no cooldown, just total sunspot limited.

If it was going to work any way at all, I’d say it would effectively run each sunspot on their own cooldown. When you drop one, it starts its cooldown in the background, but doesn’t show the timer remaining until you drop the second one. Once both are on cooldown, it would show the cooldown for the first usage, since that one has the least amount of time remaining. Cooldown reducers would halve the cooldown for each as normal. If you choose the +1 Sunspot helix, it would just track a third one.

That way, you still have to wait for the appropriate cooldown of each (unlike waiting for 1 and having 2 recasts at only 1s each) but you can still pool them up for larger scale usages.

The one thing I’d prefer, honestly, is for them to be unable to be destroyed by attacks. I mean, come on. They rapidly deplete themselves based on the damage/healing they do, and two of the helix options for level 2 make them able to be removed by one use. No other healing effect in the game depletes itself like that, and considering how easy they are to kill, they are pretty useless. I want it to keep the depleting feature, it sets Ambra aside (considering her healing beam augment and life steal beam), but if it’s going to use health to heal or damage, it needs to be indestructible.

Like i said it won’t really be a buff but a new mechanic that brings more ways to use them. I don’t really see any disadvantage to this and except the fact that you could place 2 within a short time it’s neither a great advantage. And it can brings new helix to replace some useless.

It doesn’t prevent to make them undestroyable but the fact is if you block a small corridor with them it’s impossible for the enemies to pass without taking dmg. It’s ok if you take the heal helix choice as they don’t deal much dmg, but if you take the helix where they explode on enemies you can totally block a corridor.

As is, Ambra isn’t a “healer”. She can sacrifice her own health to do roughly half of what Miko can do and her sunspots can only be genuinely effective for healing at choke points once she gains her sunspot heal helix mutation at (I think) rank 12. False advertising GBX. She’s off-heals at best unless the perfect situation arises. I think @crummysaint has a good point with an option to use heat to create extra sunspots. Maybe even let her throw down 3 sunspots at a time like Kleese and his rifts instead of only 2 (without helix).

GBX already has plans to change Ambra’s sunspots and incorporate some cooldown reduction mechanics. I can’t give any concrete details since this could change at any moment but rest assured they know Ambra needs some oophm.

As for the idea in this thread… I kinda like it. I’d rather Ambra get something unique than just a copy of another helix, though. I like the expend heat to reset sunspot cooldown idea more.