Encore and Firmware Update

I am wondering whether or not, if you pick encore for orendi, does that consider activating a skill when you throw the second pillar. Just curious since the legendary effect gives a 20% chance to reduce all active cool downs by 2 seconds.

someone needs to test it, but probable doesn’t not effect the legendary. the skill doesn’t go on cooldown until you use both pillars. Prembles is a better helix though, I personally would always run that skill.

Eh, it depends. They both have advantages. Encore allows for more distracting particle effects and splitting up damage, as well as catching someone in both. It allows for zoning as well. Preamble takes one less button press and can deal more damage to a large group.
When dealing with other helices, Pillarstorm is clearly supported by Preamble. But, Encore works great with Prognosticombo (it shouldn’t, but it does proc it twice). They’re about even, unless going for a specific build.

Encore works with prognosticombo, proccing the cooldown twice, so I’d imagine the Firmware Update would too. Idk for sure, but it’s still a great piece of gear for her. I personally use it.

I thought the helix specifically states that prognosticombo does not work with encore

It does, but then it works with it anyways, oddly enough.

Wait, so you guys are saying that it reduces the cool down twice with encore?