Encore or preamble of pain

Is there a better pick or is this just preference, I remember that preamble used to be better to most, but I see encore a lot and it makes a lot of confusion
Also why would anyone puck instant gratification 50 percent less is to much

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Instant Gratification is really just for those who can’t land pillars. 50% is still better than 0. Preamble of pain is better, especially with Pillarstorm, because of naturally larger aoe so more spread damage, but Encore allows better zoning, spread damage if you’re a wave clear and the minions have spread, and more grace. Additionally, Prognosticombo procs twice from Encore (although it says it doesnt. You should try it, ten seconds off of nullify is really strong). So one has more damage, one more flexibility and utility.
IMO, Encore is better until you hit level 12 and can reliably land pillars. Then preamble wins for sure. Encore would be close if prognosticombo wasn’t bad for assassinating and good for wave clear, but prognostication simply helps more.
The reason I love this character is because she has two levels halfway through the the game that change how she works in a great way

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What is the other level (thanks for the info)

4 and 5. 5 is the most interesting. More utility or more firepower. And past that, Idk what rank you’re at, but Renaissance preamble pillarstorm is a great recipe for killing. Just take skill damage, cooldown, and shard gen for faster leveling, and you can hit 10 by 15 minutes and start killing entire teams

Encore and preamble actually deal the same amount of damage. I always go preamble - smart players find pillars easy to dodge due to sound. And the extra damage from preamble is as much as the second sfp from encore.
The only time I could see instead gratification being good is with pillar storm. And that’s only on a tight corner map like Echelon.

Well, I thought they were the same but then it was pointed out to me that Preambles larger radius can mean larger damage in total by hitting more people

Just saw Renaissance, that is like the only non level 10 helix to effect an ult (and a good helix at that)

Isn’t that the one that reduces the cd? I always wanna take that, but… Progcombo :confused:

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Don’t forget Rath! (I always do he’s so bland). But he has a cd helix for ult late game. But I’m pretty sure they’re the only ones.

Progcombo makes nullify sooooooooo much more useful. Makes levels 1 to three seem less annoying too. But what do you take on those? You know, now that I think about it, I feel like they put a ton of thought into balancing her first few helices, came back a few months later, and put way less thought into 6 through ten.

If they had orendi 6 through 10 thought she would be balanced in helix

Agreed. I think her first five are the most balanced in the entire game. And rather inventive. Best helices idea wise. Then it’s just damage upgrades

I can’t remember the levels exactly and I’m at IHOP :stuck_out_tongue: but… Increased damage, not life steal. Nullify begins shield regen, usually trail of fire even with one or two stealthers. Oh and I always get the push back nullify. I see a lot of blinds, and I don’t get it. Push back has much more utility and works with sfp so well… Then preamble and progcombo

The pushback is so good against a melee team, I can count how many times a Rath has tried to ult me only to have his ult rendered useless because he’s spinning in the middle of no where. However, the blind is just as useful, especial with bounce with me and fire walk, since you can nullify right behind them laying down the trail of flames in your wake, which does an absurd amount of damage, and then land a pillar from behind them while they are still blind, plus most of the time they are so disoriented that you can escape if you need to. This is also one of the fastest ways to farm thralls, since they don’t move while flashed and take the full damage from fire walk with me and the subsequent pillar.

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Huh. Didn’t know fire did that much. I can see how that could work.

As already mentioned, Preamble of Pain with Pillarstorm is good. All of those pillars will get that added AOE damage. Glorious.
I do sometimes take Encore just for the fun of it.

The mutation is horrible. I don’t think anyone should touch it, honestly. Better to do 0 DMG but actually have a chance at learning how to aim SFP. No point in playing Orendi if you cripple her damage like that.

Though I have one question, do Pillarstorm pillars also explode instantly if you take the mutation?

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i think the trail of flame does 40 damage per tick, and the damage ticks twice per second for five seconds, so if you nullify just right you can place all the fire in one concentrated spot so they take 400 damage, this is also is before any helix or gear augmentations, and without adding in nullify’s base damage which is 75 at level one. more info here.

Thanks. I never knew that :slight_smile:
And I was wondering about instant gratification on pillar storm as well, since it doesn’t say unspecced version or anything in description.

They do indeed. Can be strong