Encore problems

Encore is a helix option for Orendi that augments SFP.
After casting SFP Orendi may cast a second pillar doing half damage.

The first problem is that it never worked for me, you may say that I probably missed it but I played around 30 matches with Orendi (50 consdering the beta) and I never saw it working. Anybody else with this problem?

The second is that this augment is causing problems with her passive, Gnosis. If I fire SFP and then instantly use Nuliffy, Gnosis won’t work and I won’t get the cooldown reduction. I think that because Encore it takes a little longer for the cooldown process to start (the game possibly considers the second pillar and “waits” a little longer) and if I use nullify to early Gnosis will go to waste. Has anyone encountered this problem?

I have not encountered the first problem.

You have to click SFP and then drop it, then you have to click it again and then drop it again. I like to do it really fast to drop them on top of each other. If you do it fast enough you will only see one.

You cannot benefit from Gnosis until you use Encore because the CD has not begun until you’ve used Encore.

From the skill description i thought Encore worked automatically, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

Oooooh that sucks so much for you xD I’m glad I cleared it up. Encore is amazing! Spam the hell out of it to hit people with both you’ll be doing 150% damage. Add in the +15% to all damage and +15% to SFP and you’ve got yourself a 500dmg bomb with practically 0 CD when you hit high levels.

Orendi is broken. She’s always got 4 times the kills than anyone on my team. That is an issue when you have a montana, oscar mike, Reyna, and Galilea.

Like, legit.

Never run into that issue. You can see all her abilities before they hit, just move. Lol. I’ve seen amazing orendis but hardly see her as even remotely broken

You haven’t seen the Orendis I have.

You must be against a super special Orendi, then.

A 1.5 second preparation time that can be CC’d out of is plenty fine a payment for its damages. Some Orendi’s are crafty and can place this countdown of death outside your peripherals. Like my Orendi. I place it behind people and melee them into it.

… though, they could be using the instant SFP that deals 50% damage of the normal. Though, that isn’t really a good ability.

Orendi is not even close to to OP. Glass Cannons are only OP when you aren’t looking at them.