End game content for Borderlands 2 and all DLC

Hey everyone,

Just picked this game up after taking a break from gaming for over a year. Have all the DLC, etc and am working my way through it as Kreig (Poop train? Poop train.). Was just curious as to what the end-game content is like. Borderlands was alla bout collecting guns and Crawmerax but what about BL2?

  1. Digistruct peak: Is this repeatable endlessly even after you get OP8? Is it possible to solo to OP8? Is this the main dungeon that everyone runs at endgame?
  2. Raid bosses: Possible to solo? Fun to run at end game?
  3. Repeatable arenas?

Thanks for the help!

  1. Yes; difficult but possible; practically yes.
  2. Yes and yes.
  3. Sadly not.

Thanks! Anything I may have missed? Is the UVHM a fun way to rerun content (can we rerun content?)

My slightly different take on two of those points:
2) If you have the patience to farm just the right gear, yes, otherwise no.
3) Some repeatable arenas (Torgue and Tina DLCs both feature ones with repeatable “Badass” rounds)

Forgot about those. Only could think of the Hyperion, Bandit and Creature Slaughter domes.

Thanks everyone! Glad that there is an endgame beyond running Crawmerax. Really like the Digistruct repeatable dungeon!

Keep a longbow grenade mod on hand in case a surveyor flies off the map and gets stuck somewhere where you can’t see it (it might show on your map as a red dot but be out of sight)- it happened to me yesterday near the final boss and if I hadn’t had a Longbow Stromfront I would have had to restart the whole level …

You can repeat arenas by resetting UVHM, but you’ll have to play through the story to get back to them. Torgue’s arenas are repeatable without reseting once you’ve beaten its story.

Personally I find OP8 is fun, especially at first, and a nice challenge for yourself and your group, but it gets a bit dull in the long run.

If you don’t mind using the most effective guns, gear and skill combinations only and all the time then you’ll be fine, but what OP8 does is kill the variety (when introducing it Gearbox even stated it is a mode that breaks the game and intended as a challenge only), because it leaves no space for experimental builds for fun, or guns and gear that are not as overpowered as the top 2 % or so.

DPUH, Grog Nozzle/Rubi, Blockade, Rough Rider, Bee, Sandhawk, Pimpernel, Florentine, Interfacer/Omen/Twister, Sham and Norfleet are what you will see and use so much that your eyes bleed.
Builds that don’t focus around the overpowered skills like Bloodsplostion, Money Shot, Bore, etc. will not be very viable.

Krieg specific, at OP8 you’ll mostly be using:

Rough Rider (+health needed to mitigate the Silence the Voices damage scaling to lvl 80 and doing insane damage to the players 72 health bar, damage reduction a nice plus too and making it the better choice overall than a +health relic and a roid shield), DPUH, Nozzle/Rubi (to heal above 50 % for healthgating again when needed), Stormfront for building Bloodlust stacks or Magic Missile, Florentine, Carnage/Swordsplosion in a Bloodlust/Mania melee build


Flame of the Firehawk, DPUH, Nozzle/Rubi, Stormfront or Magic Missile Florentine, (see a pattern here? lol) along with the some of the best elemental weapons in the game for a gun focused bloodlust/hellborn build

Pretty much little to no exceptions here.

This is just my (biased) opinion obviously, but after 1000+ hours in this game and a lot of time on OP8 I really like to be able to play around with sub-optimal guns and gear as well just for fun, and there’s no place for that in OP8 as said…

This is what your games will look like: