End game content

For me this game needs more raids or Dungeon Crawls types like The Takedown or more Slaughter shaft types.
The replay value is currently not good.
I think this series needs to go towards more multi player based content.
BLs loot chasing just isnt going to cut it in 2020. Boss checkpoint farming is too shallow.

Edit: 1
For you Destiny comparison ppl.
The Takedown is more of a strike not a raid in Destiny terms. But GB calls it a Raid.

Edit: 2
Changed title, took out the word Raid. Ppl were thinking Destiny. Where i meant what GB calls a raid such as the Takedown.


I think it needs more content, more DLC’s, paid cosmetics and events.

No more raids or pointless extreme boring high level frustrating content please. Especially no more arena type grinds.


As far as I’m concerned, the less raid type content the better. Anything that tries to strongarm me into teaming up with people I don’t know to try and deal with frustrating nonsense can be cast into the bloody pits of Tartarus.


Totally agree. More raids, more raidbosses. No need for teaming up with someone to do the maliwan raid, so you don’t have to.


After seeing how detrimental a raid is to a game like this, failure of Destiny 1 and 2 comes to mind as well, fun game to play, end game raid, barely anyone bothered.

Was especially obvious looking at the achievements of the games as well. A tiny, TINY percentage completed the raid.

Had the best gear of course but really no one wanted/could be bothered with that and just left.

Had they focused on story driven DLC’s and more content instead, I might even have kept playing.


I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that the game needs both: more story and more raids. More story for the benefit of those who like narrative-driven content. And more raids for the benefit of those who like more challenge-driven content.

Fortunately, it looks like GBX are working on giving us both. There’s the Guardian Takedown being added, DLC3 is on the way way (and we know there’s one more in the works). And then who knows what else might be stewing over in GBX’s ideas kitchen?


If Destiny did not have any raid I would be still playing it.
I was absolutely in love with the game until the first raid dropped. I stopped playing instantly after World of Warcraft Vietnam like flashbacks.
At least Borderlands 3 raids don’t rely on mechanics what have to be written in a 5 pages strategy guide.


I’ll agree but the events need to stay and be triggerable/mayhem modes

And dlc need to be free going forward if they keep dropping the ball.

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D1 and D2 are not failures.


Yea more like dungeon crawls. If we use Destiny as a comparison then It would be Strikes
I would love a multi player playlist that has multiple crawls like Takedown.
Unfortunately GB multiplayer system as is could not support that.


I’d call dropping from 8.4 million players to about 600k is a failure. Most left because if you didn’t raid, worse gear. If you don’t have access to the best gear, what’s the point of playing?

This whole raid or die mentality is killing off games like this fast.

Granted, there’s room for both as long as the raid just drops the same quality of legendaries as any other bad ass.

It’s actually quite laughable that so many devs that are doing the whole raid endgame thing can’t seem to understand the utter and total failures of Destiny 1 and 2 were because of that.

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Replaying the campaign, sidequests and DLC’s on a high difficulty is for me a lot more fun than replaying the same raids. Even if we get more.

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I just think BL has far too much RNG for raids to be worth the effort. You could have to run an entire raid 600 times just to get one thing. That’s just a big no thanks from me tbh. On BL2 I could just load, kill the invincible and rince repeat, no uselessness inbetween. I’ve had regular bosses I’ve killed that many times without getting what I want and I can just start/quit to farm them no need to do a 20min event beforehand just to have the same frustration :confused:
I mean I only played Destiny 1 and TBH I don’t remember much about at this point, but there is ONLY the gun you can get right? No massive amount of parts list, element and anointments and just the tons of RNG you get in BL3? Seems like if when you get the weapon that is just the weapon works a lot better than the layers, upon layers of potentially uselessness you can get for raids in BL3.


What is endgame in borderlands.

Proving Ground
Circle of Slaughter
Raid Bosses

Takedowns are their own thing, so lets take them out of the equation, we’re already getting more.

That leaves CoS, PG’s, and Raid Bosses. Add one of each of these to the DLC, nearly seems like problem solved imo.


I think a lot of us were thinking with each one, one would come. Sadly there hasn’t been anything ‘added’ since the game came out, save 2 DLC(story), 1 take down, and events that expel after a time period.

Jackpot had potential to have a great Trial and CoS added, even G,L,aT as well.


What do you mean by raid bosses then if you take the Takedown out? Bosses in general like Graveward?

Best idea !

The only thing in this game where imo the progession to a “boss” is fun for replaying is the Takedown. Ill also include the Slaughter maps. Now that may not be saying much but thats GB issue.
I honestly don’t see how farming bosses from checkpoints every 2 min is fun for anyone. But to each their own.

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I mean DLC 2 had the perfect setup for what kind of feels like a cruel joke now. Eista the Invincible teasing us calling himself an invincible but is usually taken care of fairly easily.

The Takedown at the Guardian Breach is coming June 4 (less than 2 weeks away).

There are two more DLC coming as part of the Season Pass (Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption and DLC 4).

They gave us a nice roadmap in the spring. I hope they share something similar for the summer.

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