End game pet build; solos mayhem 3 slaughter shaft

Now that I’m above 100 guardian ranks and maxed out the hunter tree perks I’ve been playing with the builds more.

Basically this build relies on having a legendary mod Red Fang that has your pet taunt and keep all aggro on it. The focus of this build is to get as much gun damage as possible with a strong pet that is returning damage done to it. You must keep your shields healthy and stay a decent distance away from the aggro because with the Hunter guardian perk that has a fast skill cool down with full shields you can get gamma burst active 5 seconds after it ends. The challenge to this build is keeping your shields and pet healthy during gamma burst because once They go down and all the aggro is on you it becomes a much tougher fight. Once your shield gets hit your skill cool down suffers. I’ve soloed slaughter shaft on mayhem 3 with this build without perfect modifies but I alsohave an lot of help from a cut man smg with corrosive damage. Even without the cut man this build is viable when teamed and as long as your able to output enough damage to keep your pet healed you can solo anything.

Because this build is meant to not having you get hit and relying on the full shield skill cool down perk. Picking a shield with very fast regen is key. So even if you get some unexpected aggro your shield can get back to full fast.


Ill give the build a go, but I will prob end up putting 2 points into eager to impress instead of furious attack.

I’d not recommend this build till you have the guardian perk unlocked that gives you increased skill cool down with full shields. With that you don’t need eager to impress anymore. This is why I call this an end game build that relies on guardian perks that pick up the slack of skill points.

Yes I have all 3 of the guardian trees maxed, but I just feel like the decreased cooldown incase my shield goes down would help me out more than the furious attack damage.

That’s true but the focus of this build is to not let your pet die and to not be in any line of sight that have you take accidental damage. If your successful at that then cool down is nothing. slaughter shaft will have several rocket launching badassss and your pet will need to tank a lot with the help of your damage output healing it.

Not going to lie you get more survivability from the scorcher spiderant and it gives added elemental damage that fl4k currently doesnt buff at all. 30% elemental damage plus 3% health regen(with max barbaric yawp). Granted for fl4k the pet should be determined by what mayhem modifiers you have. If you have modifiers that support elemental go with the scorcher. If you have modifiers that support non elemental go great horned skag. Not to mention one reason to go hunter instead of stalker is for the hunter skills. They greatly outweigh any bonuses from stalker.

Also note LnT has the trigger delay reduced to .3 seconds instead of 2seconds when the 10/10 hotfix goes live. So points could be redirected there if wanted

Is Red Fang bugged because the pet still taunts enemies even when Gamma Burst’s duration has ended?

I know I haven’t fully explored a pet tank build. I’ve been having success with this but I can start looking at removing any skills that increase pet damage and focus only just having it aggro everthing while I output as much gun DPS as possible to maintain healing.

Is red fang bugged? No, but if you have the skill cool down guardian hunter perk you can get gamma burst again within 5 seconds of ending. Also you have to keep distance from new spawning enemies. They will still target you if they see you first. But once they target your pet you can blast them from 5 feet away.

I’ll test this build tonight and compare how tanky the pet is.

I dont know if it is possible for you to have a really tanky pet without costing yourself dps. For this build since I maintain high dps with all the stacks skills being for constantly plus hunter buffs I’m practically always giving my pet 4% health regen. Which it does need

Right, so the balance is finding enough dps to keep it healthy enough to survive onslaughts from multiple badasses or annointed. If the spider build gives enough dps without needing the extra healing perks then it is great for solo play. My current slag build works well for group as well as solo since I don’t rely on kill skills for dps.

Those skills arent exactly kill skills. They’re stack skills that when you and your pet damage an enemy they’re full constantly. So they’re full practically all the time

I didn’t look close enough just assumed since they are in hunter tree. I”m eager to learn the difference though; I’ll state again having a CUT MAN smg with corrosive had been a big help in getting a lot of constant dps on multiple enemies; so being table to tank as well as I’ve had has been because of that gun. I know my build wasn’t optimized but Besides slaughter shaft It had performed well without the cut man.

So trying to be scorch spider build it wasn’t tanky enough to do mayhem 3 slaughter shaft. Even though I could get it back up with enough critical hits I still found it not able to stand up to the barrage my skag build was capable of leaving me open and running for cover a lot. I didn’t see a huge impact with gun damage either so I’ll stand by my skag for now and see if I can find some more dps tweaks without sacrificing his ability to tank.

Focusing on making him More tanky as well as giving myself more damage output that although is situational I am creating the situations that keep my damage bonuses in effect with red fang keeping all aggro. This is the strongest pet tank build I tested.

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Im not sure its possible to have a really tanky pet in general. At least not in m3. You can give it some bulk, but its damage mitigation options are still rather limited. The best skill there is for its survivability is Who Recused Who? Which scales with your damage.

Also i think pets keep the aggro it drew in during GB even after GB ends, even if they are downed. Which is kind of funny seeing enemies beating up your downed pet.

Yea I have 4 points in that. Those four points and mutated defenses are the only skills I have for a tanky pet but the seem to work well

Pet usage especially if you use barbaric yawp is dependent on modifiers. If you have elemental modifiers that are buffed scorcher is better. If you have non elemental great horned skag is better

Unless they give pets an insane buff idk if it’s best to put that many points into skills that only buff the pet