End Game PVE Story rewards (high difficulty)

I know that battleborn is more of a pvp end game type of deal, that said I have a few questions regarding the story missions and their difficulty levels.

Are the rewards for completing the hardest difficulty at hardcore mode for all story missions the same, like random loot packs of better quality? If so, 7 of the 8 (there are 8 in total right?) missions will probably be neglected, while that one story mission will be farmed 99% of the time because it is the easiest. Will there be something like dailies or any other type of consolation for playing the other 7 missions?

Perhaps the consolation for playing the other misions is “fun” :grin:

i heard they are going to make hardest difficulty more difficult.

The harder difficulty will give out better gear.
Bosses & Mini-bosses have a chance of dropping legendary gear.
The challenges you get during a mission are random (out of a set of 3 - 5).

They could do it like Borderlands: RNG for the gear, yet some bosses have a higher chance to drop specific items. For example, if you want a specific build for your Galilea, then you ought to perhaps farm 3 different bosses in the game.

In the video from StealthShampoo yesterday, he mentions bosses having specific gear drops, with higher chance for those on tougher difficulties. I presume there are titles/challenges/achievements related to each as well, if those are of interest.