"end game" side quest missions scaling


I was wondering if bd2 vr has the same mechanism as bd 2 flat,meaning,do the untaken side quest missions in tvhm scale at level 50 after the completion of the game in tvhm?I’m lv 45 with my gunzerker and saved the side missions rewarded with good guns for after I 've finished the second run with the uvh run in mind(once it’s available…)but I can’t remember if the lv 50 scaling was part of the vanilla game or not…

I’d imagine the VR version would have the same scaling system as the vanilla version at the end of TVHM (Warrior) so side quests not yet accepted should rescale to 50. I can’t see any good reason why it would be different since that’s how the original release (before the UVH add-ons) worked.

That’s good.I wouldn’t know how the vanilla game worked because I got mine with all the DLC already available…But if the scaling system was already there in vanilla game so,yes,I can’t see why it would not be available in vr.
Thanks you very much:)