End Match Score System?

What is the idea behind the score at the end of the game? For a brief insight on it, i do all the work. i kill the merc single and double by myself. i get the most buildables made / destroyed. Most damage dealt / least taken. Most shards collected, and then i come in last place. Why? because i didnt sit there and make kills the whole game but i do EVERYTHING else.
The score system needs to be completely reworked to give some recognition to those who do everything for the team versus those who are just kill greedy.
Through testing i noticed i did everything for my team as mentioned above and i would come in the bottom 2-3 of people and who is in first place every game. The guy whos been sitting there ignoring the entire game except making player kills.
On the other hand i have sat and did not a single thing except kill people and i got first place every time with even as high as double the score of other people.
To sum it up please rework the score system so it doesnt only shine on those who ignore everything except kills.


Score is just 2 points for a kill and 1 point for an assist. Objectives are listed separately, shards are listed separately and so is overall damage ~ wouldn’t get too hung up on score

Recognition is all there in the post game report

yeah, i just brought it up because ive had people message me after and say i did nothing i did a terrible job they never saw me once. when in reality i was doing everything taking all the mercs building all our things sneaking over to there teams side to destroy there buildables / intercept there minions. i just never went out and tried to kill everyone

I wouldn’t worry too much about players harassing you for low kill count if you have all the objectives. It’s all about balance > the other players being dead only helps you to achieve the primary objectives at the end of the day. But the enemy trying to kill you is primarily what makes the objectives hard ha

Actually to have a “score” ranking not take into account objectives sounds utterly stupid in a objective based pvp! Surely they thought more about this than run a score board based on kills/assist? That would encourage bad play in games like meltdown that require minion kills. They should fix that and either drop it or make it carry objective points.

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