End of line mission stupid yellow hyperion switches

I am having a devil of a time with this mission, I think I have turned all switches on and they are all counting down, But nothing happens, I have run all over the place and nothing seems to help. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t remember any Switches. You go into the subconcious, Rescue hope and Self Esteem, Find out Shadowtraps backstory and get manipulated like a noob. No switches.

Switches was the wrong word, there is an area with what almost look like a space ship with a blue swirl under it in the middle. There are a bunch of yellow hyperion things you push, these things remind me a lot of the things you had to push to get ammo in the Pyro Pete fight inBL2. I will try to get a screenshot, except I am not sure how to post it.

never mind I was over thinking this it appears all I have to do is kill stuff and shadow-tp appears, facepalm

oh, you where getting the ammo boxes. thats what those things are. haha.

yep figured it out duh

Sometimes going online and whining is just what is needed to make that breakthrough. Has happened to me many times… :smile: