End of split screen farming?

I haven’t farmed Agonizer 9000 for awhile and have returned because of the fix to loot scaling. I am farming split screen in cooperation mode, and the loot is EXACTLY the same for each character. Same gear (rarity doesn’t matter) with same anointments. I’m definitely in cooperation mode–each character can pick up the loot independently.

I haven’t tried any other boss yet. Is anyone else farming this way and noticing a change?

Agonizer has always been like that I think.

Whew!! Okay, thanks for that.

Are you getting drops? So far I’ve only gotten 2 purples, 1 was the unique aggy 1500 heavy gun.

I guess they fixed the loot-scaling issue by just not having aggy drop loot.

There are other issues with the split-screen though, none of which have been addressed despite weeks of providing info and videos. Skills and trading for player 2 is borked if they swap characters. Still can’t see all of the mayhem modifiers since the text doesn’t scroll/scale.

I guess solo and streamers are the only ones that matter now.

Yeah, I might be getting lucky. Mayhem 10 on Xbox and been farming for a couple of hours now. 6 or 8 Craders’ and 10 Backburners so far. Mix of anointments but a couple of decent ones. The second Backburner that dropped is a 250% Phasecast w/ Cryo that is making short work of Agonizer.

Thanks for giving me hope. I had started another post, because this felt like a more serious issue.

Three runs on Xbox, m10, split-screen, 6 purples. The 2 heavy guns I mentioned before, 2 random guns, and on the last run, 2 purple weapon trinkets! I’m not exaggerating, literally 1 purple drops per player, per run. And a few green or a blue and a couple greens.

I’m restarting my console and game. For some reason I need to repeatedly flush the cache after a major patch. Hotfix was applied, but we’ll see.

The Antagonizer 9000 was well named.

Nope, nothing. Not even a purple, only blue cosmetics. WTF?