Ended up in a Modded lobby, insta 50, now stuck slaughtering lvl 30 mobs in the story line -.-

So, I did the join a friend / random persons game awhile back and I remember legit dinging 50 soon as I loaded in… I didn’t really understand it, so I shrugged it off and figured it was just scaling me to the level of the mission. I was wrong, so now I am level 50 running around killing level 30 mobs… Although the slaughter is ego boosting (sad I know) its boring as HELL… Is there anyway to skip the story line and just do mayhem and all that cool stuff? Or do I have to run through boringly slaughtering mobs or create a completely new char and start over.

Just make a new character or continue. For the most part it shouldn’t change the experience as you’ll likely be slaughtering them just a bit slower. The game is fairly easy on the first play through even on normal difficulty.

At level 50 you should just breeze through the rest of the story line. Once you finish it you can go to mayhem mode and then everything will scale to your level.

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And you could go play true vault hunter mode after beating the normal story.

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