Ender's Game Style Control for Teams

In the future, I’d really love to see the ability for two teams to face off against each other while controlling a single mother ship per team. This would be similar to how controls worked in Ender’s Game, where you have a team leader controlling production, researching, etc. This leader then assigns groups of ships to his teammates.

Maybe one guy gets all the resourcing units, and some escort craft to use. Another guy gets squads of fighters. Another guy is wrangling capital ships. Put this on a huge map, and maybe have objectives to take before the other team. Capture the flag style or similar.

Just a pie in the sky idea I had way back during the original HW1 days.


You’re not the only one. For me the Homeworld sensors manager IS the display from Ender’s Game. :smile:

You know, a psuedo way to mod that might be using a sort of role-based system. Have several different fleets/factions, restricted in size and build types to a specific role - strikecraft, frigates, caps/supercaps. You should end up with largely the same feel.

The only problem might be cross-player stuff, like trying to get your ships to dock/refuel with an allied ship.


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Summing up, any game mode that requires some coordination between allied players are welcome.

I would add that we could have this distribution:

  • Producer player = localized production + resourcing + defenses
  • SOF player = decides where and when to strike specific targets with limited number of units
  • Regular player = attack with the bulk of forces
    The production of some units would be shared between all these roles

You could do all of this by doing something like StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void’s Archon mode. All players on the team can control the same units. It would just take cooperation of the players.

One day there will be a game that plays as Card describes command school. HW was as close as it got when it came out in the 90s. I think large battles in Eve get pretty close to that now.

I’ve always tried to imagine what HW would be like as a motion gesture game. Maybe this remaster will encourage a Kinect and OR modder to take this idea and run with it.

kinect…hm, close palm for vertical movement, open palm to lock at current elevation? :slight_smile:

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Just remember, the enemy mothership is down. :smiley:


Archon mode? Shared control existed long before Archon mode. I know for a fact that Planetary Annihilation has it (Before it got “normal” team games in fact) and I believe spring RTS engine has it as well, but I’d be surprised if it was the first RTS to have it. Give credit where credit is due bro.

Age of Kings had it when you shared colors.

Wasn’t trying to imply Archon mode was the first implementation, but was using it as a modern example.