Endgame buff to Anvil and Nekotafeyo

I just read in Techspot that Nekotafeyo and the Anvil are going to get harder. :grinning: It’s already happening on PC, but consoles have till the end of the month. Time to farm lol. I can’t wait!!

It was specifically mentioned in the hotfix notes:

Scroll down the OP to “Location Re-balancing” - I don’t think it’s going to be too bad if as described it’s simply bringing enemies up to average player levels. Should be more interesting though!

Oooh I read the 3/13/2020 notes. My bad

When I first read this from GB, I thought it was a joke. So they are seriously buffing the enemies in Anvil and Nekro. Unless they are as tough as Fervor M4 (which is still somewhat easy) I’d consider them still easy to average mobs for my Moze.

But I can’t wait to try in Xbox. I hope I am wrong.

Closed at OP’s request.