Endgame Doppleganger build

So, I’m starting TVHM with my Jack, and currently have my plan for him laid out.

I currently use a combination of Shotguns, Laser Weapons, SMGs, and a Pistol, since he has no real weapon specialties. It also helps me stay alive during some of the longer boss fights like Shadowtrap.

I just need some suggestions on mods, shields, and Oz kits

Without changing your skill distribution at all I think a Protagonist class mod would work really well. One thing about Bolster is that you’re better off fighting behind BA Jacks and let them build up strength rather than running around.

Shield of Ages, Fabled Tortoise, purple Turtle or Adaptive shields would work really well coupled with Winning and Hero Pose.

Every Oz kit has a purpose. My go to is typically Strafing Run or Juggernaut. Eddie is an obvious choice for a lot of players. I don’t like it because it feels cheap as it’s way to active to be considered a balanced kit.