Endgame Echo-device idea

“The Beam me somewhere, Scotty.” Echo-device

As you doing your VH stuff, enemies can drop a Echo.
When you use it from your backpack, it teleports you to a random area full of random enemys(they bring the world drops),
with a high number of named ones (they bring the dedicated drops).
[dlc`s of course increase the possible variations]
And sometimes , theres a chance for some “new” bosses to appear.(for the bigger ones only on open Places where there is enough space)
Like Skagzilla, BigFatBadassLoader, a wereskag(or maybe a pack), the long lost dr. Ted (brother of Ned and Zed), Jabba the King of Kong, Badasssaurus, Jackenstein,
something like Vermivorous, Mr. Bubbles & big Sis, a evil copy of Buttstallion, [instert other ideas her] & more (or maybe not).

As you enters the area you recieve the same old all time repeating mission goals…

kill x enemys
kill y named enemys
kill the boss
sit down take a sip of your tea and listen to Luigi Boccherini`s Minuetto
slide to the left, to the right, cha-cha-cha

and at the end after you leave you claim your revards (xp, money, and some random item you instantly sell most the time)