Endgame Idea - Eridium Upgrade

Hello I had an idea that i thought would be great. What do you think about being able to use our cash and eridium in an exponential way to upgrade our weapons. The mayhem stats would be the base stats and maybe even higher level mayhem guns would upgrade more than lower level mayhem guns. I think this is a good idea because itll create a way for everyone to use their favourite guns if they just kill with them.

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I would also like the option to upgrade a piece of gear’s level and/or mayhem level with eridium. Even if it costs 50 eridium to upgrade it by 1 (mayhem) level.
That would give a reason to have eridium and mean that sometimes a lower piece of gear with good rolls can still be usefull to pickup.

I’d second some form of gear upgrade option. Personally my BL3 playtime has been dramatically reduced as I’m waiting for final level cap. I’m also holding additional and TVHM playthroughs to that future date. BL2 taught me good how counter productive any serious gear collecting would be before all level cap increases are released (did 42 pt’s on BL2). Now I just level up my 4 characters to cap and play through new content and that’s it. Each to her/his/their own, I guess.

For example that French company which start with U. has a very robust and simple legendary upgrade system in their latest AC serie games that works like a dream. Still, apparently part of GBX’s chosen strategy for increasing players commitment to BL3 is indeed (extensive) farming. So unfortunately wouldn’t hold my breath while waiting any change on this. But dreaming is allowed, right? :wink: