Endgame purpose

Borderlands 2 had a lot of endgame purpose in the sense of killing raid bosses, farming various currencies and gaining Badass Ranks.

But Borderlands 3 seems to miss raid bosses, lack any farmable currencies of value, and Badass Ranks feel less meaningful.

Thus, I find that once you’ve played through the campaign (and no, I won’t repeat it again voluntarily), there isn’t that much to do other than strolling around randomly without purpose. Even this new Arms Race puts a further dent to this since many items aren’t even found outside of it (I do enjoy the Arms Race mode though).

So I feel a primary focus for Gearbox should be on implementing an interesting endgame that will last for the long haul, and this must include a form of character progression. We all enjoy developing our characters and finding better loot, but you also want to make use of your great build with awesome weapons once you’ve reached that point, while still somehow being able to progress your character’s strength so that purpose of playing is kept. Thus, endgame purpose and direction are crucial for the longevity of the game, and it seems Borderlands 3 is completely missing the mark in this aspect.

The lack of a decent endgame is also a main complaint when compared to Borderlands 2, and is also a main reason why less and less people seem inclined to play Borderlands 3 for an extended period of time. This is bad for the entire future of Borderlands, and it is much more important that Gearbox improves this aspect of the game over launching yet another DLC that won’t change or improve on how and why we play the endgame.


this is BS in bl2 cash and eridium had no more value than in bl3 and serpah crystals were only there to purchase seraph items easily and most of the seraph gear was trash apart from shields and you could only buy antagonist as blockade dropped from dragons. Almost all the fights were boring and i have never seen a session where we would go kill a rb more than once because it was absolutely no fun just using bee and whatever suitable gun with unlisted projectiles.

bl3 has much better endgame arenas and take down runs i will not argue that bl3 has less raids but it is not exactly a lack of quality however this one thing has been true for all bl franchises and will stand true for all the years to come: endgame is not the goal of the franchise it is the end of it, end game is the end of fun it is the end you got your perfect gear and you are obliterating every thing let right and center you do not ever check the loot because you already have everything. borderlands is always going to be about journey and taking your vh from point a to b once you have everything perfect for B ■■■■ you gonna do play for two weeks and that’s it. it does not matter how many raids i will have to hell walker or monarch to death it won’t make the game better.

dare i say borderlands games do not need no raids they need much more challenging mobbing.


I was composing a reply as you posted this but abandoned it because this is exactly the point I was going to make.

Amen! I was beginning to think that there were no BL players left who thought that. You’ve cheered up my COVID lockdown day :slight_smile:


Would be nice to have the option to just reset the DLCs separately to resetting the main TVHM campaign. They are fairly short and would be a nice thing to replay without having to wade through the main story, talking to Lilith endlessly.


My only real criticism of the Proving Grounds is that the enemy mob variance seems to vary wildly. Take the Trial of Cunning, for example. One on load, the first area can contain literally nothing but Tinks for several waves, followed by some Badasses. On others, you can get multiple Badasses in the first two sets of spawns, and additional Badasses near the end of the area. This is with the same Mayhem level and modifiers throughout.

More consistent mob difficulty would require better fine-tuning, but this in turn would grant better mobbing experiences (especially on higher Mayhem levels). It would also improve perception of the Trials because you wouldn’t, up to half of the time, have relatively straightforward, mostly Badass-less runs.

I’d also like to see a mech/robot slaughter, trial or takedown. We had a great one in BL2.

I’d like to see the seasonal head hunter packs. Definitely want another Mercenary Day DLC.

That and raid bosses.


I set up a Poll thread with a bunch of polls. #9 is for desired endgame content, if anyone feels like taking it. I plan to leave the thread up for maybe a month and then turn it over to the moderators. Not sure if anything will ever come of it, but I figure the more participants the greater the likelihood of getting noticed. :wink:

I otherwise agree that endgame content is lacking in BL3. I also put forth that “endgame” means different things to different people. So one player’s endgame experience can be completely different from another’s. Still, I think there is plenty of room in the Borderlands milieu for endgame content that can satisfy multiple perspectives on what “endgame” means.

For me, endgame starts once I have beaten the game and it’s DLC’s on Normal with my first toon. Everything after that is “endgame”. So playing through the main missions and side missions all over again is actually a part of my endgame experience. Progression for my character is also part of endgame, but that is because I play for the role play experience and expect character progression. Once I max out my character and I can no longer get tougher in some manner, there is no longer a reason for me to play beyond perhaps one last play through.

However, repeatable/radiant quests can give me purpose. Farming/grinding for gear and or parts to build/buy things or activate quests, or for achievements or to locate all Easter eggs or whatever is also fun for me. I usually reference Destiny 2 at this point as I feel they have built an entire game based on the endgame experience and did it fairly well, all things considered.

But I get that for some people the endgame experience doesn’t start until their toon is maxed out on level. Then after that it’s Raid Bosses/Circles of Slaughter/Takedowns/Events and farming for the ultimate build that comprises their primary endgame experience. I actually enjoy some of these activities, but I still want story and progression.

Borderlands 2 is fun for me to re-play all the missions in all the content as an endgame activity. And the Badass Rank system allows me to feel like I am progressing in at least something, even if I am just doing another raid. BL3 is more of a chore to slog through in terms of missions, not because there are too many but because they are just not up to the same level of quality as BL2 and even TPS. Also, GBX’s choices around certain plot points and characterizations leaves me too frustrated to enjoy the journey of the story. If the missions were higher quality and if they reworked the story and characters around Ava/Maya/Lilith, then a replay of the storyline would be fun for me and add to the longevity in terms of endgame.

A similar post I made earlier this month on this topic is here: Borderlands 4 Character Preference - Borderlands 3 / Borderlands 3 General Discussion - The Official Gearbox Software Forums

As for the DLCs, I have mixed opinions that I articulated previously here: Why have you stopped playing? (Opinion) - Borderlands 3 / Borderlands 3 General Discussion - The Official Gearbox Software Forums

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This! Bl3 has better content and a better badass rank system because of the skills you acquire through it. It’s just the lack of more good stuff.

An entire run of all endgame content can be done in 2 hours? MTD in max 10min, all proving grounds in max 30min and the Guardian raid in 1 hour. The arenas are not endgame, because you can play them before finishing the story. So basically there are two good activities in the endgame, namely MTD and proving grounds.

So what then raid bosses can be done in 2 mins as well with optimised setups If you are talking speed Run times…

Mob variance in Proving Grounds? Eh? I almost know the spawns by heart now, it’s one of the more frustrating flaws of the “endgame” for me. The two bandit ones are the only ones with a bit of RNG as far as I can see.

I did not start playing the trials until the “Loot the Universe” and Cartel events were active. But I remember having a ball watching Cartel tinks fight with the COV tinks and then mowing both sides down and collecting the spoils (“A Fistful of Dollars”, anyone?). Usually plenty of badasses to go around on each run under those conditions as I recall. Of course at the time I was not playing the trials to beat the clock as much as to shoot and then loot. I often wonder how fun leaving the Cartel option on all year would be.

(and @Feculator too)

I play Cunning a lot (starting to do the Maliwan one a bit more), basically it’s laziness and wanting a quick five minute thing (to help stuff reset timewise elsewhere). I can’t speak for the later areas as much, but the first area definitely has an all-or-nothing for Badass (and sometimes Anointed) spawns. Though I’m only on M8, so maybe it’s more consistent at M10.