Endgame Suggestion

So after 14 hours a day on this game. I want something to do with my gear THV M3 isnt enough anymore, its become easy. Can we get something scaling? My suggestion is taking the proving grounds and circle of slaughter n making them scale endlessly the further you progress through them? Granted it would mimic Diablo 3 rifts slightly but ■■■■ I would love to be able to push my group’s limits n gear. You already have the base model, random effects n scaling, just turn don’t give it an endpoint :slight_smile: and hell then the community could compete amongst themselves for how high n fast they could get. Furthermore, increase replay value.


Start a new char. Personal challenge is to use Green or below gear.

We shouldn’t be doing Gearbox’s job for them.

I understand the sentiment but no design will satisfy all players at once. So, I often improvize and do my own challengees.

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Exactly, its like we’re farming gear so we can farm gear faster, it gets boring really fast. I’d like to see infinite scaling to circle of slaughter / proving grounds with a ranking system for solo and group so we can push the limit of our gear.

And modifiers for mayhem modes need some adjustments like grouping them in tiers so we don’t have 3 times the same one or random weird combos.

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Indeed 100% what I’m aiming at, Can we get some attention to this and bumps. Dev’s need to see this.

Bring back poking varkids until they evolve into Vermivorous the Invincible

I mean I have 3 days gaming time and I am yet to see any legendary annointed weapons…I suppose it’s because I didn’t farm the loot tink and I was too busy grinding 2 VHs to 50 so that’s on me.

I knew if I done that I would of been at a stage where there was nothing left and the recent nerfs have helped the longevity in the game…

I personally think proving grounds shouldn’t be something you unlock but something you get at 50.

It should have all the maps they have but at random with random mini bosses. Like gigamind, super shiv, killavolt etc. The mini bosses they currently have should be half way through the trial as they are easy.

They should then increase in difficulty when you complete them in a row…

Lvl 50, 51,52,53,

I’m sure this would require very little work from them to get this implemented.

Coming from a guy who hasn’t abused the insane amount of exploits there are in the game aka, offline mode, graveward pipebomb, loot tink, x7 exp, Last chest reset. N that I hard farmed every piece of gear and guardian rank (online) i have from running circle of slaughter. I can resepct that. But I had most if not all of my build done on my main character before the massive nerf to drop rate hit.

Game hasn’t even been out 2 weeks, it isn’t suppose to have a fleshed out end game. Some people can’y play 14 hours a day.

14 hours a day and you dont have anything fun to do in game, i wonder why?

I searched for this topic. Endgame for me is so boring that i completely stopped. Had the game since launch. I main Zane, and only thing left is farm legendary broken weapons with annointed broken tekst. Would love some harder modes, maybe even a raid mode. Anything to bring me back. I had hoped there was more than 1 month playtime in this game.