Endgame wilhelm build help

Im trying to get Wilhelm to 70 and i want to use a build with the howitzer com centered around explosive weapons, a dot stacking weapon and the skill cold war. can anyone tell me if this will be viable endgame and anything else you could suggest i do to improve my Wilhelm experience? (so far, loving the survivability).

current idea for skill points.

Cold War and Kill Switch are useless. Spec those points into Escalation(Criticial hit damage bonus) and Rolling Thunder(Wolf Damage increase) instead.

Do you have a level 70 celestial enforcer class mod? If so, use it instead, you are missing out on more points you can use.

Here is my level 70 Wilhelm with CE CM, I’m able to wreck shop alone against any boss or enemy. IMO, the only capstone worth investing into with Wilhelm is overcharge:

Firstly, Cold War isn’t as great as it sounds on paper. The chance to freeze is based off of the gun’s DoT chance, so the 25% chance to freeze your target is based off a 0-20% chance for most guns, making the effect proc far less often than you would imagine (I think I’ve seen 2-3% chance to actually freeze). Using cryo weapons will make freezing enemies far easier than relying on Cold War.

Also, I understand that FtF isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (I barely ever use it myself) but one point in Laser Focus won’t do anything for you, and FtF is boosted by your COM. It’ll give you a 48% damage increase at the start of every encounter, which is nothing to sneeze. It’s Wilhelm’s largest damage skill, so you should really take it.

This is a personal pet peeve, but I don’t usually take Auxillary Tanks when I have Laser Guided. W&S duration will be super long anyway, so I’d rather put those points into Fortify for more damage.

Lastly, since you’re using the Howitzer, you should take Escalation and Power Fist, since crit, explosive, and melee damage is buffed by cryo.

I would go with something like this

Best Celestial Build for End Game…for me…is this:

for Howitzer Com:

If you are going to use the Laser Disker with it…and maybe the Absolute Zero to Freeze…then this with the Howitzer Com:

thanks everyone for your input, haven’t played him that much and im just trying to see how i can make a build for him that doesn’t rely on just using lasers.

idk about end game UVHM using a Howitizer build that can survive specially on a level 9 Mutator Arena

mostly end game builds with Wilhem ends up with Celestial and Chronicler of Elpis mod, heck even a Blaster mod will outshine and outclass Howitizer

some thoughts build you decide…

Master Blaster (+6 WTTGS, +5 Laser Focus)

Prismatic Bulwark, 3DD1E



last 5 skill points can be put into Afterburner or Rapid Reinforcement

i highly suggest you dump the Howitizer mod for a Chronicler of Elpis mod for an explosive build, as the CoE benefits more the cryo/freeze -> explosive strategy and damage on UVHM

i feel as if im going chronicler, but something about the DPS of the CE laser build. when i get him to 70, i’ll post again.

I like the chronicler and freeze builds…and the way rolling thunder and Escalation get boosted. however there’s just so many extra points with the Celestial builds that cannot be ignored. Especially for survivability.

I have experimented with both heavily on Wilhelm in the Mutater Arena at Level 9 and pretty much decided on the Celestial.

However, anyone who thinks that they can go toe to toe with enemies at level nine with a Wilhelm character like you would with a Nisha is just…

Well, you a afar far better Wlhelm player than I am if you can.

Wilhelm definitely requires tactics and strategy and excellent use of the terrain in order to win at level nine solo.

wilhelm seems like axton, i loved axton in bl2. nisha seems like sal and gaiges op baby. don’t get me wrong im OK with being op, but i like to use a tactical character once in a while.

I think you are correct. In many ways he is just like Axton. He is probably the most well-balanced character and doesn’t have all the WOW damage potential.

He takes patience and tactics…and a solid approach to builds at the highest levels and especially in many end game game situations.

There isn’t much wiggle room with Wilhelm at the highest levels. You either have it right or you are not going to do well.

It was the same with Axton and I think that’s why I like this character so much is that it is a definite challenge to play him.