Ending of Episode 5 is kinda lame (Spoiler)

(GoetzIronHand) #21

That doesn’t mean there can’t be a worthy replacement.
Saying borderlands is boring without Jack is like saying bread is dull without jam and that you can’t enjoy bread anymore once the jam is gone.

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Yeah it’s pretty stupid when you think about it. Look how much trouble not giving him the ability to turn it off caused.
It’s as stupid as the fact that they expected the remote detonator to work probably inside a giant alien rock monster.


When fighting with Mordi and Brick as Fiona you have to say, that you´re a vault hunter.
“You identified yourself as a Vault Hunter to Mordecai. Word of this reached Zer0, and he is interested to watch you in action.”

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Bread without jam? Philistine! If they could find a replacement for Jack I would be happy, but that would be hard to do. The actor was as much about making Jack as the writers.

(GoetzIronHand) #25

You do realize that you can eat bread with other things? That was my point.

I didn’t found anything that implied that the voice actor helped create the character.

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They always do have a great deal to do with a success or failure of characters.

(GoetzIronHand) #27

Show me something that backs that up, otherwise you are just making up.

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Actors make a character memorable, it’s always been that way. And chill-lax, I am not stating questionable statistics as part of a dissertation. But I’ll give examples: Robin Williams in Aladdin. James Earl Jones as Darth Vader. Eddie Murphy as Donkey.

And directly: http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/community/articles/1091/inside-the-box-writing-handsome-jack


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For me, the ending was lame because the audio kept dropping out. Throughout the episode, Gortys was often completely inaudible. Then, in the final vault, half of Rhys and Fionas lines were completely silent. Even the end credits rolled in total silence! So frustrating… (This is on 360 btw, which this game seems to be really glitchy on generally - plenty of other issues during the episode).

Actually kinda ruined the story for me. :frowning:

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He is a voice actor.

I live in Germany and we have dubs for almost every movie. So I saw Aladdin, Star War and Shrek with different voice actors and they were still awesome. So finding good voice actors is quite possible.

And this is from the interview:

It’s kind of collaborative, but I credit all of them for that stuff.

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“This was an adlib by Dameon Clarke, the voice of Handsome Jack. It’s easily Jack’s single most popular line, and I didn’t frigging write it. I will never forgive Dameon for this.”

Didn’t say you can’t find good voice actors, saying the combination of actor and writer won’t be easy to find.

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You never said the combination of voice actor and writer won’t be easy to find.

And that Dameon Clarke invented “these pretzesl suck”, doesn’t mean he were irreplaceable.

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Feels like they are just wanting to set up a season 2, and with all of Telltale’s other projects, I won’t trust them on release dates the second time around.

Also the Claptrap part was my favorite part of episode 5 in a whole, good that they recognize Claptrap as a legendary Vault Hunter.

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I will obviously have to replay, making different choices this time. My final team added Athena, Janey, and Autumn. Apparently I could have selected Zer0, but I missed seeing that option in the “visualisation” part.

Will wait until there’s a fix for the audio issues on 360 though…

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Are the sound issues Xbox exclusive? I’d like to purchase the game for ps4, but sound popping in and out would ruin the game for me, really.

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That’s exactly what the pick your team part is, a reason to replay it.

(Is this thing on?) #37

I don’t know. I suspect that it may just be last-gen issues, but there wasn’t that much info on the TTG web site about it. You could try poking around the “knowledge base” area for PS4 to see if anyone has been reporting issues with it.

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Jack is far from a master of manipulation. Anyone who’s completed the “Handsome Jack Here!” mission already knows how much of a complete douchebag he is. I still don’t understand why there was still any sympathy for him in the first place. And the reason he makes a stupid and rash mistake is that he’s desperate and arrogant. The reason Jack does anything is to sate his own ego. and his own ego is what ultimately leads to his own downfall (“ICARUS SYMBOLISM!”). And in the end, Jack dies like a whiny little bitch. Why? Because he is a whiny little bitch.

Dude, Jack was always irredeemable. Any and all attempts to make the player sympathize with Jack are just blatantly transparent lies to manipulate people’s emotions. Look at his words, then look at his actions. Yes, Jack can be funny, and is a refreshing change from the usual mastermind villain, but in the end, Jack is just a dick. And if you like dicks, then I don’t have a problem with that, but I disagree that Jack is a major reason for the franchise’s popularity.

Yeah, the Borderlands are filled with design flaws and imperfect production models. Just like Claptrap.

[quote=“BlackHeartV, post:19, topic:691433”]
That’s just speculation though. Makes you wonder why she is sentient in the first place instead of a simple A.I… But I guess pretty much every A.I. becomes sentient in the futuristic Borderlands as we can see from Loader Bot.
[/quote]She’s probably military-grade, much like what Felicity was. They tend to develop sentience if given enough screen time.

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Re: Gortys…

I get the impression that she’s a one-of-a-kind prototype, so has a few built-in glitches. Either that or, given her AI personality, she was actually subcontracted out to the Sirius Cybernatics Corporation (“Your robot pall who’s fun to be with!” - think Eddie, the computer AI on ‘Heart of Gold’) That would actually explain quite a bit…


Who do you mean with Autumn? Did I miss a character?

Also, would it be possible to recruit Vasquez? :smiley: