Ending of Episode 5 is kinda lame (Spoiler)

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Sorry, August - getting confused between TFTB and Fallout 3 for some reason…

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I have trouble agreeing with anything you wrote. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was perfect. It stirred emotions. Made me laugh. Made me feel good and I think it all made sense too with where they ended up in the story. But I’ll agree to disagree.

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What do you want then? You want him to be accepted by everyone and join all the heroic vault hunters that stopped him. Do you want him to go out on his own and try to prove that he’s a hero on his own and then show us the proof? Because I don’t think they’ll do that. More likely he’s a crushed chip now or simply an unused chip laying around in a safe. Maybe there’s one more use for him. Perhaps in BL3 they need to boot him up and consult with him on some questions. I don’t think he’ll be a huge focus in BL3 though. But I could be mistaken.

edit: also. no we haven’t played this game before. Borderlands is always about a vault (so far). For BL3 we don’t know yet but it seems like that one could be about multiple vaults. So it’s to be expected that tales from the borderlands would end up uncovering a vault. But their story is very unique. They are more pre-vault hunter and stumbling around than the pros we’ve seen before.

Also, yes Jack is always looking to get just enough power and then he turns on people because he’s a dick and because he never fully trusts anyone and he’d rather be alone at the top so he can feel more secure.

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Maybe to serve her function she had to be sentient.

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I suggest waiting for an update and replaying it. I had some problems on the iOS version but I fixed it eventually. Probably rebooted in my case.

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I personally hope we don’t see him in BL3.

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Why the vault of the traveler don’t need a vault key and a siren to open ? :angry:

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It’s not a requirement for all Vaults. The Vault of the Sentinel (Elpis Vault) didn’t need that either, the Traveler itself here is the key.

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They just make it up as it is the most convenient for them, without a unified vision of what Vaults are and how they work. And the guy writing the last episode has to make it make sense.

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I also taught that it weren’t cannon that there are human made weapons within ancient alien prisons/storage rooms, but they didn’t bother to think about it.

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~sighs~ No, I don’t want to convert anyone. The fact that people both love and hate the character in equal measure is what is great about the character. My love of Jack isn’t as a person, but a character in the game to interact with.

If he wasn’t a total evil ass he wouldn’t be as much fun. Frankly, the misunderstood tragic villain is getting old. Jack is Moriarty, The Joker, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Doctor frickin’ Evil.

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I got claptrap from it

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I’m still not clear on whether the guardians of the vaults are good or bad, which ones are good or bad, which of the aliens are good/bad. Etc…

So far I think the only “good” alien has been the one at the end of the pre Sequel.

And I definitely agree on the vaults. It’s unclear what their purposes are. Are most of them prisons for super monsters? Are they all built by the same alien faction? The loot drops can be explained one way or another. I like to think that over time the alien tech pulls random guns and equipment to itself. But also, I don’t think they need to worry too much about that one. I’d much rather it drop what it drops than thematic alien equipment and guns or nothing at all. Video games are supposed to be fun. If they have too much of it make sense or if it becomes too logical then it starts to become way less fun. Perfect example: the aliens in Halo primarily only drop their own alien gear. And I friggin’ hate the unfun alien guns in Halo.

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Until TalesfromtheBL it kinda made sense. I personally hope that Anthony Burch wasn’t too much involved in TftBL, I like what he did in BL2 and TPS.

I don’t mind that they drop weapons in the regular games, I just assumed that it isn’t cannon just like the new-U station.
But this loot had no purpose in TalesfromtheBL

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Oh I get what you’re saying. I don’t know. Maybe guardians and vaults do attract weapons in a semi magnetic way. Perhaps the mini guardians get to warp in our dimension and steal our stuff from time to time. Or I just tell myself, oh well, I’ll ignore that part of the story so I can have the rest of it make sense.

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It was not lame! The ending made me feel all tingly inside…

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It was definitely an emotional roller-coaster for me. I kept thinking, “So is that the end? Oh wait, there’s more…”

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That’s called cliff hanger.

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Actually, I was thinking more of the series of apparent endings throughout the episode.

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Great Game, horribly lame ending.