Ending of Episode 5 is kinda lame (Spoiler)

(fabio) #61

Why all the vault hunters wouldn’t join the party for the vault? They would never miss something like that.They wouldn’t need to be hired.

(GoetzIronHand) #62

If you think about how much trouble they went through, in order to open the other Vaults, it seems absurd that they would miss out on this when most of work has already been done.

(fabio) #63

Yeah that was 100% ‘lore unfriendly’ lol. Vault Hunters would NEVER miss the opening of a vault.

(GoetzIronHand) #64

And didn’t Marcus say in one opening that they were not hunting Vaults?

(GoetzIronHand) #65

What I really hate is that the last episode basically tells me that I have played the game wrong. I didn’t play as an total ■■■■■■■, but I carefully balanced the risk to “myselves” and the harm to others. But the game made clear there is a right and obvious answer for every choice, what makes the act of choosing redundant.

I kinda knew that a wrong decisions wouldn’t kill or harm me, but I took these decisions serious.

(The Joker) #66

I like the ending stays true to the borderlands style keeping people guessing just like they did in Borderlands 2

(GoetzIronHand) #67

That’s not something unique to the borderlands series. Everyone does that.

(The Joker) #68

Hey they did that in BL 2 and in the prequel so it kinda is like it also it’s not a giantgatic big deal yes it does raise a brow of wth just happen but im sure in the future there will be a explanation

(GoetzIronHand) #69

Basically every game developer on the planet does the same, so it’s not unique to the series. That’s like saying, humans as characters were unique to the borderlands series.

(Melina Rose) #70

Personally, I loved the ending that I had. I loved this game so much and I would love to see more. Only complaint I have, is that I wish there was more options for Rhys to hook up with Fiona. D: I wanted those two to be together instead of Rhys and Sasha. So… of course when it came to when Fiona asked what were Rhy’s attentions with her sister, I chose just friends. >3> lol