Endless loop of hopelessness

I have been playing the game for three days now, and I have a couple of issues that really make me feel like garbage. One of the ones is what I call the ‘Endless loop of hopelessness.’ I’m not the best player by any means, but I keep getting into this endless loop of dying, trying to kill more enemies and running out of ammo, then dying again losing money - so I can’t buy more upgrades from Marcus, meaning I can’t have more ammo, run out of ammo, die and lose money, wash and repeat - until I somehow beat the boss with only $200 in my pocket.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the game, but I’m trying to do the story blind or without farming stuff whilst I’m doing the story - as I would any game - but the endless barrages that are just overwhelming at times really just ruin the game for me at times.

I keep coming back hoping it’ll be different, only to find myself getting back into the loop and more upset than I was in the last session. I just wanted to know if any other players have found themselves with the same problem I have fallen into.


I found myself in BL2 in this loop once. Have you tried using the matchmaker to find other players to play with? Maybe having some help next to you will help get you to a point where you aren’t dying as much and you can build up some cash to buy upgrades?


I would do that but I don’t have PS plus, paying 10 dollars isn’t worth it for just a couple of weeks. thank you for the suggestion anyways

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If you don’t have multiplayer the best I can suggest (if you aren’t already playing on Easy Mode) is to try grinding a couple levels. They give you plenty side quests to help you level and sometimes I find a couple extra skill points can make all the difference in the world.

I’d also like to state all characters/skill trees were not made equal. FL4K and Zane (in my experience) tend to have a harder time at the lower levels before they have a lot of skill points at their disposal. Not sure what character you’re playing, but skill build can be pretty important.


I’m might do that when I have the chance of remembering it. I’m playing FL4K so I’m assuming his hunter branch it the skill one. thank you

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Travel to a place that has a bunch of containers, instead of spending all your money on ammo. You can even ignore the enemies in a lower level area and just restock ammo from containers.


Fl4k can be a pain in the early game since nothing seems to be outright better than everything else in the skill trees. I’d say start using attack command to start a fight, then use your action skill. Rakk Attack or Fade Away or Doggo-splosion. This will mean the pet will more or less tank for you at the start of the fight.

Use grenades and also switch weapons instead of reloading if you aren’t in cover. If you’re safe from enemy fire, reload, if not switch weapons. At earlier levels you don’t have many bonuses to reload speed and your tanking isn’t great.

I like to start a fight from cover, if I can’t do that, swap to shotgun and knock them down and go find cover.

You can do it, just take your time if you need to.

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I have PSN plus active but my younger brother doesn’t and we’ve played together a few times.

Also, try approaching each enemy group / combat area slowly, carefully, crouched, using your weapon zoom to scope out the territory.

Try to shoot the enemies from as far away as possible so they come running towards you, retreat, make them chase you, draw away one or two or a small few at a time, kill them away from all their friends, repeat.

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I can’t say I have the most fun advice, but if you’re really only focusing on finishing the story for now, just say “■■■■ it” and run like Hell.

There were a few places where the enemies were too high of a level for me to kill, so I just basically ran past them and killed any of the stragglers that followed me away from the group.

Might not work everywhere, but most areas are open enough to get through in one piece.


I know that feeling, especially when I was playing solo in BL2. I can say what helped me is playing Fl4K in the Stalker tree, put my points in to health regen and shared regen, grabbed the shotgun jabber and the skill that lets your pet revive you. This tankiness let me live through most every thing then I just used the base Fade ability and alot of jackobs weapons to get critical ricochets.

Also class mods which increase your health regen skills can pretty really powerful as well. Just don’t forget to never stop moving that extra health regen can help alot.

This was my build.


If you’re playing blind and I really dont wanna spoil it for you either the only reasonable tip that I can give you is to do sidequests that you haven’t , challenges around the map and kill some previous bosses to get some loot and cash that you need.That will give a decent boost to continue forward.Cheers and have fun.


Here’s some ideas for how to slowly begin your conquest of baddassitude:

1 This Borderlands has an easy difficulty right out of the gate. If your having this much trouble, use it.

2 Go back and do some lower level side quests to increase your character lvel and get those juicy skill points.

3-if your struggling with side quests in easy mode…then maybe go back to an even lower level zone and just kill mobs until you level up enough to do other things.

4 open all the containers. You get lots of ammo and cash.

5 use cover

6 fall back if need be

7 use a sniper rifle to thin out the battlefield before moving in



I think many of us have been in that loop! As others have mentioned, side quests to make sure you’re at the same level as main quest is a good idea - never be afraid to detour.

Re ammo and money, are you collecting and selling guns? It’s the best way to get the cash stacking up (sorry if that’s obvious lol, it took me a very long time to work it out).

If you have patience, try running some lower level maps so you can fill up on ammo boxes and pick up/sell some stuff.


That is pretty much what I did as well. Also on lower levels a good +health shield or health regen shield was quite useful. A good shield for low levels (when you get far enough in main story to get it rewarded) is the overflowing Moxxi shield that gives the healgasms on shield break.




one thing i did was go to earlier level places with a money maker grenade just spam the grenades on people to gain money to get you through with upgrades

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if you don’t want to lose money just make another profile and use that profile to store you money,just use trade function in splitscreen,once your other profile has the money just exit that profile from game,then when you won’t money back just log in other profile into split screen and trade back…never lose loads of money again.

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Omg, never thought of that. hopefully, they don’t hotfix that LOL