Enemies balancing need. Maliwan okay, wildfire slightly undertune, COV too OP

After playing for a month with 4 characters, 3 max level doing Mayhem 3. It’s clear that there is major balancing issues among mobs.

I feel Maliwan mobs are fairly balanced. Many diversities that encourage different approach. The teleport guys are tough, but their damage wasn’t overwhelming. The big juggernaut guys are tough, & do massive damage, but are slow, big target & their attacks can be avoided or controlled.

As for wildfire, I think most do not have range attacks that makes them more manageable. The only big enemies I find are the birds. They are small, & hard to shoot (generally the case with flying mobs). But they do not so massive damage to be a thorn.

Then there is the COV. The rocket mobs are way too much. They do massive damage per hit, fire at a high rate, & comes in numbers! Often, your screen is filled with rocket splashes. Either reduce the fire rate or numbers.

Then there is the Over the top annoited. The annoited is textbook bad game design. Why so? There are guidelines for mobs,
like toughness, damage, target size, mobility. A balance mob is like the big maliwan dude. They are tough, do huge damage, but balanced by being slow & huge hit box.

The annoited are fast, do huge damage, have high toughness, even immunities, & on top of that, can comes in groups of 2-4. There are no obvious flaws that every other mobs are balance around.

IMO, tune down the numbers, slow them down a little, or have them do less damage ro smaller life pool.

I think the game will be far better, & more fun with these changes. But I would like to heard what others think.


The only annointed I have a problem with are militants. Constantly being immune is bad design.

Annointed militants are an issue. The rest are ok.

Rocket spamming badasses are just bad designs though. Whoever thought giving heavily armored mobs fast firing rockets that can one or two shot you with extremely high accuracy, can completely blind you, and require zero reload, was a good idea has no clue what balance is.

The blinding is the real problem for me with those rocket spamming cov enemies. I literally cannot see anything when they’re spamming rockets. I usually try to get some distance between me and them so that I can try to snipe them off one at a time with the lyuda but they STILL blind me across the map.

The most OP enemy is a combo - rocket sapmming badasses AND ice spitting red skulls.