Enemies being struck by lightening

I changed my build to have better survivability, and in doing so I now have a skill that apparently results in scavs being struck by overhead bolts of lightening every now and then. Is it Conduit that causes this?

I would say it is Overload. May I see your spec?

This is my build for now.

I don’t have overload.

Come to think of it, I did have Conduit before, but only 1 point plus the Celestial class mod points.

I think it’s Smite. I didn’t have it before I changed my build. Kinda weird, I didn’t plan on getting it.

If it happens when you shoot them and not just because your Aspis struck them, then it probably is Smite. It’s a pretty powerful skill, I hear.

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I don’t know. I might change it for Hades’ Shackles. I’d rather boost maelstrom stacks, and I do slam more often than I used to. But it’s going pretty sweet the way it is.

Smite is way more powerful than Hades’ Shackles + it generates Maelstrom stacks, too.

wow really? I’m gonna try out Hades’ Shackles just to see what it can do, but it was neat to see that lightening strike the soon-to-be-dead scavs.

@impala Smite is the one-shot wonder that you’re seeing. Hades’ Shackles builds stacks and staggers enemies for 3 seconds while you’re tethered to them. Both are great skills for different reasons.

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Smite triggers when you’re in midair shooting at an enemy. But it only triggers as frequently as every 10 seconds. It does tons of damage and is easily worth it.

The game’s “in the air” detection doesn’t seem to be much different than in BL2, which means that when you have Smite on deck, it’s easily possible to “accidentally” fire it off if, for example, you take fire while shooting an enemy (as you’re briefly knocked in the air) or walking down irregular terrain while firing.

Smite is, hands down, my favorite skill of hers. It’s even got a small area of effect, so I like to group enemies together with a singularity before firing it off. Only one will get the direct hit, but they will all eat damage.

Speakin of Smite: It is amazing. In my opinion it’s a must for almost any build just like Maelstorm.

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It’s most likely smite. Does it only occur while you are airborne and have more than 10 stacks of maelstrom? Keep in mind, if you are firing and then get melee’d you are still technically airborne.

I know it’s smite, this was resolved more than a week ago.