Enemies bullet sponges?

Is anyone unloading tons of ammo into enemies in the new Lilith dlc??? I’m a level 43 gunzerker with level 40 weapons and enemies are taking a ton of damage to kill. What’s the deal with that?

Borderlands do have a (unjustified) reputation for ennemies being bullet sponge. Just wait when you hit Ultimate mode…

The DLC is definitely harder though. From the little I experienced and the lot that I read.
Learn your guns/gears. Aim for critical.

I’m not a Gunzerker specialist but some people on here can certainly help you.
Short description of your gear and skill would help.
You can use this site to post your build(s).

Moved since this really isn’t a tech support issue.

@mattyd801: do you remember which map you were on and what enemies you were confronting?

rite from the beginning of the game.

Weird fact is that when you’re in infected areas, if you’re in the spores, all the enemies you see Glow Yellow. Your weapons will hit harder during this.

I think they balanced enemies kinda around that concept.

Idk. All I do know is, it’s kind of making it less enjoyable when I’m pounding enemies with ammo and they aren’t dying and I’m dying more then they are

What level are the enemies relative to you?

Seems to be a range of 42-45

If your weapons are level 40 then, unless they’re all legendary, they are going to struggle against 42-45 enemies. I’d suggest gearing up - maybe hit the golden chest, or some of the higher tier gun chests around the maps.

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So I’ve started upgrading my weapons more towards my level which is now a 44. All my weapons are are 42-44 now. The fire weapons seem to be doing a good amount of damage but still the enemies for the most part just feel very overpowered event tho they are at my level

Last third of TVHM is always tricky. Or used to be anyways. Especially with Sal (I think/reportedly) who is a beast later on.
Did you just created a new lvl 30 character and jumped right in the DLC with little Borderlands experience? That could be a reason why you’re having difficulties.

Once again. Post your build with a brief description of the gear you use. Then people will be able to give you advice.

No. Completed the game and most dlc on original 360 and transferred over to Xbox one with handsome collection and played a little bit up until now

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So I finally figured it out. I loaded my true vault hunter mode gunzerker instea did my normal mode gunzerker